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Antimicrobial and pesticidal activity of partially purified flavonoids of Annona squamosa.
Foliar extracts of Annona squamosa (Family: Annonaceae) were screened for antimicrobial and insecticidal activity against the common microbial infestants of pulses and the stored grain pest pulseExpand
Partial characterization and insecticidal properties of Ricinus communis L foliage flavonoids.
Aqueous leaf extract of Ricinus communis L (Euphorbiaceae), a cultivated plant in tropical countries, showed excellent insecticidal activity against Callosobruchus chinensis L (Coleoptera:Expand
Efficacy of flavonoids in controlling Callosobruchus chinensis (L.) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae), a post-harvest pest of grain legumes
Abstract The effects of partially purified flavonoids obtained from Calotropis procera (Ait.) R. Br. and six standard flavonoids on the adults and eggs of Callosobruchus chinensis (L.), reared onExpand
Hypolipidemic effect of Terminalia arjuna (L.) in experimentally induced hypercholesteremic rats
The hypolipidemic activity of the 50% ethanol extract of bark of T. arjuna were evaluated in rats. The 50% v/v ethanol bark extract at the dose of 40mg/kg body weight, substantially reduced theExpand
A novel and sensitive agar plug assay for screening of asparaginase-producing endophytic fungi from Aegle marmelos
Twelve strains of asparaginase (L-asparagine amidohydrolase, E.C. produc- ing filamentous fungi were isolated from the bark and leaves of Aegle marmelos Linn. In the present study, a newExpand
Chapter 5 - Bioactive Secondary Metabolites From Endophytic Fungi: A Review of Biotechnological Production and Their Potential Applications
New viral diseases, multidrug-resistant microorganisms, and infections by uncommon pathogens are emerging as new threats to human, plant, and animal health. Therefore, there is continuous need ofExpand
Ethnopharmacology, phytochemistry, and biotechnological advances of family Apocynaceae: A review
The family Apocynaceae is one of the largest and important families in angiosperm. Several members of this family have medicinal properties and have been in the treatment of various ailments. Most ofExpand
Agrobacterium rhizogenes mediated hairy root induction in two medicinally im- portant members of family Solanaceae
Withania somnifera (L) Dunal. and Solanum surattense Burm f., the two medicinally important members of family Solanaceae, were investigated for induction of hairy roots using soil borne bacterium,Expand
Production of Lovastatin by Wild Strains of Aspergillus terreus
A wild fungal strain of Aspergillus terreus, labeled as PM3, was isolated by using the Candida albicans bioassay and confirmed by 18S r DNA analyses. Lovastatin was produced by submerged and solidExpand
Baggasse Preservation: A Need for a Biotechnological Approach
Paper is one of the basic needs of modern life. With the consumption of paper likely to grow to 320 million MT by the year 2001, the the worldwide pulp and paper industry is gradually realizing thatExpand