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Anticancer and antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticles biosynthesized by Penicillium spp. and its synergistic effect with antibiotics
There have been impressive developments in the field of nanotechnology in the recent past, with numerous methodologies formulated to synthesize nanoparticles of particular shape and size depending onExpand
Evaluation of Biodegradation of Plastics
Currently, our world is facing many challenges such as increase in waste flows, energy depletion and climate changes. In addition, global plastics production exceeds 180 million tons per year withExpand
Silver nanoparticles modified nanocapsules for ultrasonically activated drug delivery
Novel ultrasound-sensitive nanocapsules were designed via layer-by-layer assembly (LbL) of polyelectrolytes for remote activated release of biomolecules/drug. Nanocapsules embedded with silverExpand
Equivalent waveguide model for parabolic index planar segmented waveguides
In this paper we outline a simple procedure to obtain an equivalent z-invariant waveguide for a given graded index segmented waveguide. In particular, the proposed model is shown to predictExpand
Propagation characteristics of planar segmented waveguides with parabolic index segments.
We have analyzed the linear propagation characteristics of planar periodic segmented waveguides with infinitely extended parabolic refractive-index segments in the transverse direction, using theExpand
Crystal growth and characterization of a new co-ordination complex—barium tetrakis(maleate) dihydrate
Abstract Crystals of barium tetrakis(maleate) dihydrate [Ba 4 (C 4 H 2 O 4 ) 4 ] ⁎ 2H 2 O are grown in gelated hydrosilica matrix. Single crystal X-ray diffraction studies show that the crystalExpand
Evolution of the intensity profile of Cerenkov second-harmonic radiation with propagation distance in planar waveguides
Using coupled mode theory, we have studied the output intensity profile of Cerenkov second-harmonic radiation from planar waveguides as a function of the propagation distance. In particular, we haveExpand
Structural, thermal and dielectric properties of cobaltous malonate single crystals grown in limited diffusion media
Abstract Well-faceted crystals of cobaltous malonate (C6 H12 Co2 O12) have been grown by the controlled diffusion of ionic species in hydrosilica gel. Single crystal X-ray diffraction studies showExpand
Growth, spectral and thermal properties of manganous malonate dihydrate crystals
Manganous malonate dihydrate crystals have been grown by ionic diffusion in hydrosilica gel. Powder XRD pattern and the FTIR spectrum have been recorded for the sample. The vibrational bandsExpand