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Coralligenous and maërl habitats: predictive modelling to identify their spatial distributions across the Mediterranean Sea
Bioconstructions such as coralligenous outcrops and maerl beds are typical Mediterranean underwater seascapes. Fine-scale knowledge on the distribution of these sensitive habitats is crucial forExpand
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Invading the Adriatic: spatial patterns of marine alien species across the Ionian-Adriatic boundary.
An important pathway of introduction of alien marine species in the Adriatic seems to be the northward expansion of species already established in the Ionian Sea, aided by the East Adri- aticExpand
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Contemporary genetic structure and postglacial demographic history of the black scorpionfish, Scorpaena porcus, in the Mediterranean and the Black Seas
Understanding the distribution of genetic diversity in the light of past demographic events linked with climatic shifts will help to forecast evolutionary trajectories of ecosystems within theExpand
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The CARLIT method for the assessment of the ecological quality of European Mediterranean waters: Relevance, robustness and possible improvements
Abstract The application of the European Union (EU) Water Framework Directive (WFD) requires the assessment of the ecological status (ES) of coastal waters in order to detect environmental changesExpand
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Population genomics meet Lagrangian simulations: Oceanographic patterns and long larval duration ensure connectivity among Paracentrotus lividus populations in the Adriatic and Ionian seas
Abstract Connectivity between populations influences both their dynamics and the genetic structuring of species. In this study, we explored connectivity patterns of a marine species withExpand
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How good is your marine protected area at curbing threats
Marine protected areas (MPAs) are key tools to mitigate human impacts in coastal environments, promoting sustainable activities to conserve biodiversity. The designation of MPAs alone may not resultExpand
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Adriatic ‘opisthobranchs’ (Gastropoda, Heterobranchia): shedding light on biodiversity issues
We herein review the Adriatic opisthobranch fauna, provide an updated checklist of 223 species and assess their distribution at regional and country levels. New Adriatic records are provided for 67Expand
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A harmonized and coordinated assessment of the abundance and composition of seafloor litter in the Adriatic-Ionian macroregion (Mediterranean Sea).
Marine litter is a threat to marine life and an economic burden for coastal communities, but efforts to address the issue are hampered by the lack of data for many countries. We performed the firstExpand
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Unexpected abundance and long-term relative stability of the brown alga Cystoseira amentacea, hitherto regarded as a threatened species, in the north-western Mediterranean Sea.
Cystoseira amentacea is a Mediterranean endemic alga thriving on very shallow rocky substrates. It has been considered as a threatened species, having experienced a steady decline and is thereforeExpand
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