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Natural and anthropogenic influences on the distribution of the threatened Neosho madtom in a midwestern warmwater stream
Abstract We attempted to discern the contributions of physical habitat, water chemistry, nutrients, and contaminants from historic lead–zinc mining activities on the riffle-dwelling benthic fish
Metals, Boron, and Selenium in Neosho Madtom Habitats in the Neosho River in Kansas, U.S.A.
Reductions in cadmium, lead, and mercury contamination, in particular, would benefit aquatic life in the Neosho River, the primary habitat for the threatened NeOSHo madtom.
Ictalurid populations in relation to the presence of a main-stem reservoir in a midwestern warmwater stream with emphasis on the threatened Neosho madtom
Abstract Ictalurid populations, including those of the Neosho madtom Noturus placidus, have been monitored in the Neosho River basin since the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service listed the Neosho madtom
Challenges to Reintroduction of a Captive Population of Topeka Shiner (Notropis topeka) into Former Habitats in Kansas
It is demonstrated that while Topeka Shiners can be maintained and will reproduce in ponds under certain conditions, their behavior, net reproduction, and survival can be substantially influenced by the other fish species.