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Anticancer and antithrombin activity of Russian plants.
A chromogenic bioassay was utilized to determine the antithrombin activity of the methylene chloride and methanol extracts prepared from forty-five plants of Russia and showed high activity against both thrombin and cancer.
Solvent polarity effect on the composition of biologically active substances, UV spectral characteristics, and antibacterial activity of Euphrasia brevipila herb extracts
The compositions of biologically active substances in Euphrasia brevipila Burn. et Gremli (Scrophulariaceae) extracts obtained using solvents with different polarities have been investigated. It was
Chemical composition and antioxidant properties of biologically active compounds from Euphrasia brevipila
Fractions of biologically active substances, including polysaccharides, iridoids, phenolic acids, and flavonoids, have been isolated from eyebright (Euphrasia brevipila) plants (Scrophulariaceae
Optimization of the Extraction of Biologically Active Substances from Yellow Toadflax (Linaria vulgaris) Herb
Optimization of the extraction of biologically active substances from yellow toadflax produced data indicating that the active principles were extracted most completely from raw material if
Phenolic compounds from two Melampyrum species
Flavonoids and phenolic acids isolated from the herbs of Melampyrum pretense (MP) and M. nemorosum (MN) (Scrophulariaceae) growing in the Ural region have been studied by two-dimensional paper
Elemental composition of Euphrasia brevipila herbs and extracts
The macro-and microelemental composition of Euphrasia brevipila Burn. et Gremli (Scrophulariaceae) herbs and extracts was studied. Eighteen elements found in the herbs are arranged in the order of
The Technology and Pharmacological Properties of Dry Extract from Euphrasia brevipila Grass
The content of moisture, ash, extractive substances, and impurities in dry extract from eyebright (Euphrasia brevipila) grass has been studied. The content of the main biologically active components,
Quality Standardization and Pharmacotechnological Properties of Melampyrum pratense Grass
The content of moisture, ash, extractive substances, impurities, and the main biologically active substances in the above-ground parts of blue cow wheat (Melampyrum pratense) has been studied. The