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A study of synthetic and natural uranium oxides by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Synthetic and natural uranium oxides UOx (2≦×≦3) have been studied with X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) to determine the phase composition and content of uranium ions in uraninites with aExpand
The Chernobyl accident: One year later
Differential spectrum of the conversion electrons and the excitation energy of (1/2/sup +/)-uranium-235 isomer
The differential spectrum of the conversion electrons of /sup 235m/U has been measured for the first time. The conversion spectrum has been compared with the x-ray electron spectrum of UF/sub 4/ forExpand
Radioactivity on the Montenegrin Coast, Yugoslavia
Environmental radioactivity has been investigated on the Montenegrin Coast (Yugoslavia). Radioactivity was measured on 14 beaches and 5 hinterland localities by a method of in situExpand
Fine structure of α-radiation of Pu239
The radioactive decay of Pu /sup 239/ is investigated with a magnetic alpha -spectrograph. Analysis of the alpha -spectrum of Pu/sup 239/ revealed more than 20 alpha groups of fine structure, aExpand
New data on Am243 and Am241 α-decays
Abstract The α-decays of Am243 and Am241 are investigated. The α-spectra of these nuclei reveal new fine-structure α-groups, some of which belong to Am243. The proposed interpretation of new Np239Expand
Indoor radon concentrations in the town of Podgorica - Montenegro
Abstract Indoor radon survey in the town of Podgorica, capital of Montenegro, was performed in winter season 1994–1995. The town houses were classified on the basis of their construction materialsExpand
Abstract : The book examines the theoretical principles of cryogenic engineering, describes the design of deep-cold equipment, and presents the methodology for calculating them with data required forExpand