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Theoretical model for the evolution of the linguistic diversity
Here we describe how some important scaling laws observed in the distribution of languages on Earth can emerge from a simple computer simulation. The proposed language dynamics includes processes ofExpand
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Dynamics of fixation of advantageous mutations
We investigate the process of fixation of advantageous mutations in an asexual population. We assume that the effect of each beneficial mutation is exponentially distributed with mean value ωmed=1/β.Expand
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Agent-based model with heterogeneous fundamental prices
In this paper, we investigate the properties of the return time series generated by a multi-agent-based model for financial markets. Our model is a variant of the grand canonical minority game modelExpand
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The emergence of division of labor in a structured response threshold model
We a propose an adaptive population model, which is structured in groups, to investigate the appearance of division of labor. In the model, the individuals respond to a given set of stimuli accordingExpand
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Adaptive walks on correlated fitness landscapes with heterogeneous connectivities
We propose a model for studying the statistical properties of adaptive walks on correlated fitness landscapes which are established in genotype spaces of complex structure. The fitness distributionExpand
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Metastable states in short-ranged p-spin glasses
The mean number (N) of metastable states in higher order short-range spin glasses is estimated analytically using a variational method introduced by Tanaka and Edwards for very large coordinationExpand
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Neutral communities in fragmented landscapes
Habitat fragmentation displays a crucial role in conservation biology. Despite this, little is known about the detailed ecological consequences of habitat fragmentation due to the scarce number ofExpand
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Incremental scenario representations for autonomous driving using geometric polygonal primitives
This paper presents a novel methodology to compute an incremental 3D representation of a scenario from 3D range measurements from a continuous throughput of massive amounts of 3D data. Expand
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Effects of the spatial heterogeneity on the diversity of ecosystems with resource competition
The understanding of the mechanisms that promote biodiversity has implications for conservation and extinction of species and has raised the interest of the scientific community in the last decades.Expand
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New treatments for Chagas disease and the relationship between chagasic patients and cancers
Chagas disease is an infectious illness with a broad distribution throughout the South American and African continents, importantly influencing human morbidity and mortality and a controversialExpand
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