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A system for genetic transformation of Coffea canephora by co-cultivation with Agrobacterium rhizogenes harbouring a binary vector has been developed. The objective of the present study was the(More)
The phytopathogenic bacteria Agrobacterium rhizogenes genetically transforms plants by transferring a portion of the resident Ri plasmid, the T-DNA to the plant. Plant species differ in their(More)
The current study was an attempt to elucidate the mechanism of human colon cancer cell proliferation inhibition by limonin and limonin glucoside (LG) isolated from seeds of Citrus reticulata. The(More)
Capsaicin, a pungency factor alkaloid of Capsicum fruits, is biosynthesized by enzymatic condensation of vanillylamine, a phenyl propanoid intermediate, and 8-methyl-nonenoic acid, a fatty acid(More)
Direct shoot bud induction and plant regeneration was achieved in Capsicum frutescens var. KTOC. Aseptically grown seedling explants devoid of roots, apical meristem and cotyledons were inoculated in(More)
Cauliflower curd has a relatively short postharvest life and develops unpleasant odour and browning within a short period. A few low-temperature-linked attempts, with limited success, have been made.(More)