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Theory of pure dephasing and the resulting absorption line shape in semiconductor quantum dots
The pure dephasing of the optical polarization and the corresponding line shape of absorption spectra in small quantum dots due to the interaction of the exciton both with optical and acoustic
A dynamics-controlled truncation scheme for the hierarchy of density matrices in semiconductor optics
We discuss the interaction of coherent electromagnetic fields with the semiconductor band edge in a dynamic density matrix model. Due to the influence of the Coulomb-interaction then-point density
Nonmonotonic field dependence of damping and reappearance of Rabi oscillations in quantum dots.
It is found that the phonon-induced damping of Rabi rotations is a nonmonotonic function of the laser field that is increasing at low fields and decreasing at high fields, which results in a reappearance of RBI rotations at high field.
Femtosecond spectroscopy in semiconductors: a key to coherences, correlations and quantum kinetics
The application of femtosecond spectroscopy to the study of ultrafast dynamics in semiconductor materials and nanostructures is reviewed with particular emphasis on the physics that can be learned
Two-photon Rabi oscillations in a single In x Ga 1 − x As ∕ Ga As quantum dot
We report on Rabi oscillations of the biexciton in a single ${\mathrm{In}}_{x}{\mathrm{Ga}}_{1\ensuremath{-}x}\mathrm{As}∕\mathrm{Ga}\mathrm{As}$ quantum dot, induced via a coherent two-photon
Coherent nonlinear optical response of single quantum dots studied by ultrafast near-field spectroscopy.
The nonlinear response of single GaAs quantum dots is studied in femtosecond near-field pump-probe experiments, providing the first evidence for a perturbed free induction decay of the excitonic polarization.
Nonlinear optics of semiconductor and molecular nanostructures; a common perspective
A unified microscopic theoretical framework for the calculation of optical excitations in molecular and semiconductor materials is presented. The hierarchy of many-body density matrices for a
Electron-phonon dynamics in optically excited quantum dots: Exact solution for multiple ultrashort laser pulses
A model of semiconductor quantum dots coupled to phonons and laser light, which is relevant in the limit of strong electronic confinement, is investigated. For an arbitrary sequence of excitations by
Proposed robust and high-fidelity preparation of excitons and biexcitons in semiconductor quantum dots making active use of phonons.
The proposed protocols make use of the phonon-induced relaxation towards photon dressed states in optically driven quantum dots and combine the simplicity of traditional Rabi oscillation schemes with the robustness of adiabatic rapid passage schemes to provide an on-demand, fast, and almost perfect state preparation even at strong carrier-phonon interaction where other schemes fail.