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Non-infectious morphologically altered nucleocapsids of measles virus from persistently infected cells
SummaryPersistent measles virus infection of human HEp-2 or L-41 cells was accompanied by pronounced structural and functional changes of isolated intracellular viral nucleocapsids (NCs). The bulk ofExpand
Amphipathic alpha-helices and putative cholesterol binding domains of the influenza virus matrix M1 protein are crucial for virion structure organisation.
The influenza virus matrix M1 protein is an amphitropic membrane-associated protein, forming the matrix layer immediately beneath the virus raft membrane, thereby ensuring the proper structure of theExpand
Laboratory markers for over-attenuation of mumps vaccine virus.
The properties of mumps vaccine virus (Leningrad-3 strain) gradually changed upon passaging in quail embryo fibroblasts, the substrate normally used for mumps vaccine production in the USSR.Expand
Further-attenuated measles vaccine: virus passages affect viral surface protein expression, immunogenicity and histopathology pattern in vivo.
Measles vaccine viruses Leningrad-16 (L-16) and Moscow-5 (M-5, an L-16-derived clonal variant), at passage levels used for vaccination and after ten further low-multiplicity passages on quail embryoExpand
Haemagglutinin of influenza A virus is a target for the antiviral effect of Norakin.
The anticholinergic anti-parkinsonism drug Norakin is an inhibitor of influenza virus multiplication. By crossing a Norakin-resistant variant of fowl plague virus (FPV) strain Weybridge with theExpand
Studies on a temperature-sensitive mutant of fowl plague virus having a mutation in gene 7 coding for the M protein.
A fowl plague virus (FPV) temperature-sensitive mutant, ts 303/1 having a ts mutation in gene 7 coding for the matrix (M) protein has been obtained. The mutant induced synthesis of virus-specific RNAExpand
Accumulation of altered viral nucleocapsids in mumps virus—Persistently infected cell cultures
SummaryTwo long-term human cell cultures persistently infected with mumps virus accumulated increased amounts of morphologically altered viral nucleocapsids. Alterations involved size, heterogeneity,Expand
[Isolation and study of several properties of mycoplasma from Japanese quail embryos].
An agent isolated from Japanese quail embryos was found to be pathogenic for chick embryo and quail embryo fibroblast cultures, to cause hemadsorption and hemagglutination of guinea pig erythrocytes.Expand
[Real-time multiplex PCR for rapid detection of enteroviruses, adenoviruses and hepatitis A virus in clinical specimens].
Real-time multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with internal positive control (IPC) was developed for simultaneous detection of adenoviruses (AV), enteroviruses (EV) and hepatitis A virus (HAV).Expand