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Pharmacological and therapeutic properties of licorice preparations (A review)
Remarkable therapeutic properties of licorice (herbs of the Glycyrrhiza genus) as a medicinal plant are known from very ancient times. Licorice roots have been used as a raw plant material forExpand
Combining Clonal Selection Algorithm and Gene Expression Programming for Time Series Prediction
A computer based system is proposed for making decisions relevant to forecasting of single variable and multivariate time series and shows high quality of short and medium period forecasts. Expand
New flavonoid C-glycosides ofGratiola officinalis
Conclusions1. C-Glycosides have been isolated from a plant of the familyScrophulariaceae for the first time.2. Four new C-monoglycosides of apigenin have been isolated from the herbGratiolaExpand
Flavonoid acyl glycosides ofGratiola officinalis
The second, which we have called isolignoside, had mp 230-232 ° C; [c¢]~--147.3 ° (c 0.038; dimethylformamide); ~'max 340, 310, 278 rag; Elc°/~n 460, 335 380 respectively. "CzHsOH+AcNa Rf in systemExpand
Configuration of stereoisomers of naringenin 5-glucoside present in flamin
The configurations of the C-2 chiral centers of the stereoisomers of naringenin 5-glucoside isolated from flamin by HPLC have been established by the method of circular dichroism. One of theExpand
A study of Linaria macroura
Zaporozh ' e Medical Insti tute. Trans la ted f r o m Khimiya Pr i rodnykh Soedinenii, No. 3, pp. 388-389, MayJune, 1983. Original a r t i c l e submit ted D e c e m b e r 14, 1982. 370Expand
Spectroscopic investigation of flavonoids. Detection of free phenolic hydroxyl groups in various positions
Summary1. Sodium acetate ionizes the 7-hydroxy group in flavones, flavonols, and flavanones, and the 4-hydroxy group in chalcones, causing a considerable bathochromic displacement of the absorptionExpand
Apigenin and its glycosides fromGratiola officinalis
The cardiac glycoside olitoriside, which is used in medicine [1], is isolated from the seeds of Corchorus 01imrius [2]. We have developed a new method for the isolation of olitoriside. The seeds ofExpand
The flavonoids ofScutellaria galericulata
High-performance liquid chromatographic method for the determination of mangiferin, likviritin and dihydroquercetin in rat plasma and urine.
The use of reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography for the determination of the biologically active plant phenolic compounds mangiferin, likviritin and dihydroquercetin is described.Expand