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Nonlinear Laser Spectroscopy
1. Introduction.- 2. Elements of the Theory of Resonant Interaction of a Laser Field and Gas.- 3. Narrow Saturation Resonances on Doppler-Broadened Transition.- 4. Narrow Resonances of Two-PhotonExpand
Generation of Light by a Scattering Medium with Negative Resonance Absorption
Generation of light by a scattering medium with negative resonance absorption is considered theoretically for the case when the photon mean free path is much smaller than the dimensions of theExpand
Different Responses of
On difference of energy levels of left and right molecules due to weak interactions
Abstract We point out that weak neutral and charged currents may lead to observable effects in molecular spectra. We also indicate a possible connection between weak interactions and biologicalExpand
Multiple-Photon Infrared Laser Photophysics and Photochemistry. II
This paper begins our review paper on the multiple-photon excitation of molecules by intense infrared laser light. The whole review will be given in installments. In this first part we bring forwardExpand
Time-resolved laser optoacoustic tomography of inhomogeneous media
The methods of time-resolved laser optoacoustic tomography of inhomogeneous media and related problems are reviewed. Time-resolved laser optoacoustic tomography allows one to measure the distributionExpand
Effects of transient local heating of spatially and spectrally heterogeneous biotissue by short laser pulses
SummaryA new laser method for the spectroscopy of locally absorbing microvolumes much smaller than the radiation wavelength in size is discussed. Such an absorption is characteristic of biotissuesExpand