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Variation in the diet of the Patagonian toothfish with size, depth and season around the Falkland Islands
The ontogenetic and seasonal variations in the feeding spectrum were studied in 756 specimens of the Patagonian toothfish Dissostichus eleginoides (16-159 cm total length, L T ) collected on theExpand
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Reproductive biology in two species of deep-sea squids
Deep-sea squids, Moroteuthis ingens and Gonatus antarcticus, were collected in the slope waters off the Falkland Islands and their reproductive systems preserved and investigated onshore. Changes inExpand
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Survival rates of rays discarded by the bottom trawl squid fishery off the Falkland Islands
Waters off the Falkland Islands are subject to a specialized multispecies ray fishery and were first fished by a Korean fleet in 1989. More than twenty different rajid species have been recorded fromExpand
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A trophic ecology of two grenadier species (Macrouridae, Pisces) in deep waters of the Southwest Atlantic
Abstract The feeding habits of slope-dwelling macrourid fishes from the southern Southwest Atlantic is unknown. In this study the feeding ecology of the two most abundant species, Macrourus carinatusExpand
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What is out there: diversity in feeding of gentoo penguins (Pygoscelis papua) around the Falkland Islands (Southwest Atlantic)
During austral spring 2000, the diet of Gentoo penguins, Pygoscelis papua, was studied and compared to prey availability, assessed by trawl and plankton surveys, in waters adjacent to a number ofExpand
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Environmental effects on cephalopod population dynamics: implications for management of fisheries.
Cephalopods are a relatively small class of molluscs (~800 species), but they support some large industrial scale fisheries and numerous small-scale, local, artisanal fisheries. For several decades,Expand
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An impact of seasonal squid migrations and fishing on the feeding spectra of subantarctic notothenioids Patagonotothen ramsayi and Cottoperca gobio around the Falkland Islands
Seasonal changes in the diet of two abundant notothenioid fishes, rock cod Patagonotothen ramsayi (Nototheniidae) and frogmouth Cottoperca gobio (Bovichthidae) were studied on the Falkland IslandExpand
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Systematic position and reproduction of squid of the genus Alloteuthis (Cephalopoda: Loliginidae) in the eastern Mediterranean
Squid of the genus Alloteuthis from the Aegean Sea and eastern Mediterranean were identified as A. media. It is not possible to distinguish A. media from A. subulata by relative fin length. BothExpand
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Getting Under the Skin: Autonomous Implantation of Squid Spermatophores
Squid spermatophores are complex structures that store sperm and, when transferred to the female, evert into sper matangia. Some deep-sea squid implant spermatangia into unmodified tissue of theExpand
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