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Interference effects during the Auger decay of the C*O 1s{sup -1}pi* resonance studied by angular distribution of the CO{sup +}(A) photoelectrons and polarization analysis of the CO{sup +}(A-X)
Angular distributions of the CO{sup +}(A {sup 2}PI) photoelectrons and of the CO{sup +}(A {sup 2}PI->X {sup 2}SIGMA{sup +}) fluorescence are computed in the vicinity of the 1s{sup -1}pi* resonantExpand
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Strong interference effects in the angularly resolved Auger decay and fluorescence emission spectra of the core-excited NO molecule
Angular distributions of Auger electrons and subsequent fluorescence photons are studied theoretically and experimentally in the vicinity of the core excitations of NO. In the calculations, lifetimeExpand
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Studying the N+2(C2Σ+u → X2Σ+g) fluorescence excited via the 1s−1π* resonance
Fluorescence from fragments formed after the de-excitation of the N*2(1s−1π*) resonance has been measured in the spectral range of 135–190 nm. This range is dominated by lines in atomic nitrogen andExpand
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Photoionization dynamics of excited Ne, Ar, Kr and Xe atoms near threshold
A review of experimental and theoretical studies of the threshold photoionization of the heavier rare-gas atoms is presented, with particular emphasis on the autoionization resonances in the spectralExpand
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Effects of Different Power High-intensity Ultrasonic Treatment on Rheological Properties of Heavy Oil Products
Objectives: The objective of this study is to investigate the effects produced by intensive ultrasound on rheological properties of oil and petroleum products, especially on heavy oil products withExpand
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The interference effects in the alignment and orientation of the Kr II 4p45p states following Kr I 3d9np resonance excitation
The energy dependence of the alignment parameter A20 for the Kr II 4p45p(E 1J1) states following excitation in the Raman regime with the exciting-photon energy passing through the Kr I 3d9npExpand
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Partial wave analysis of the Kr I 3d5/295p 3/2 --> Kr II 4p4(1D)5p 2F 7/2 decay, based on orientation and alignment transfer
The orientation parameter, O10, and the alignment parameter, A20, of the Kr II 4p4(1D)5p 2F7/2 state populated in the resonant Auger decay on the Kr I 3d5/295p 3/2 (J = 1) resonance were measured,Expand
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Double photoionization of N2 into the N22+ D 1Σu+-state
Double photoionization of N2 into the N22+D1Σ u+-state as a function of the exciting-photon energy has been investigated experimentally and theoretically. Photon-induced fluorescence spectroscopyExpand
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Interaction between doubly-excited 4p4nℓn′ℓ′ resonances in KrI
Photoionization cross sections for the 4p4(3P)5s4P5/2,3/2,1/2 satellites and 4s → el, 4p → el main lines of Kr II were measured using the photon-induced fluorescence spectroscopy in theExpand
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