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Computational Approaches for Protein Function Prediction : A Survey
Proteins are the most essential and versatile macromolecul es of ife, and the knowledge of their functions is a crucial link in the development of new drugs, better crops, and synthetic biochemicals such as biofuels. Expand
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Assessment of genetic diversity in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) germplasm using amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP)
AFLP technique was applied to assess genetic diversity among 44 common bean accessions that included 6 exotic accessions, 15 Indian land races and 23 released varieties. Eight AFLP primer pairs wereExpand
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α-glucosidase inhibitors from plants: A natural approach to treat diabetes
Diabetes is a common metabolic disease characterized by abnormally high plasma glucose levels, leading to major complications, such as diabetic neuropathy, retinopathy, and cardiovascular diseases.Expand
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Microbial decolorization and bioremediation of melanoidin containing molasses spent wash.
Molasses spent wash from cane-molasses based distilleries contains a brown coloured recalcitrantpolymer melanoidin, which if disposed untreated poses a great threat to environment. MicrobialExpand
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Effect of physico-chemical treatments on ripening behavior and post-harvest quality of Amrapali mango (Mangifera indica L.) during storage.
An experiment was done to assess the effect of various physico-chemical treatments on ripening behavior and post harvest quality of mango cv. Amrapali. The experiment was planned under completelyExpand
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Dissipation behavior of propargite--an acaricide residues in soil, apple (Malus pumila) and tea (Camellia sinensis).
Propargite, recently introduced in India, is an effective acaricide on a large number of crops most of which are consumed by human beings directly or after processing. Therefore, it has becomeExpand
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Phytoremediation of heavy metals contaminated soil using plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR): A current perspective
Increase in industrial, agricultural practices and several anthropogenic activities add a significant amount of heavy metals in soil and water. Heavy metals accumulate in the environment due to theirExpand
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Revealing Land Cover Change in California With Satellite Data
The conversion of natural land cover into human-dominated cover types continues to be a change of global proportions with many unknown environmental consequences. Noteworthy conversions of this typeExpand
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Genetic diversity and population structure analysis of Indian garlic (Allium sativum L.) collection using SSR markers
Genetic diversity was assessed among 53 Indian garlic accessions using SSR markers. Initially, 24 SSR primer pairs were used for screening three selected garlic accessions. Out of 24 SSR primerExpand
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Dynamism of Antimicrobial Activity of Actinomycetes—A Case Study from Undisturbed Microbial Niche
A study on dynamics of bioactive actinomycetes in different untouched areas of Gujarat India was conducted with an objective to examine the populations in conserved habitats and evaluate their antimicrobial properties. Expand
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