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Global pattern of nest predation is disrupted by climate change in shorebirds
No longer a safe haven Many biological patterns have a latitudinal component. One long-recognized pattern is that predation rates are higher at lower latitudes. This may explain why many migratoryExpand
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Visible marking of wader nests to avoid damage by farmers does not increase nest predation
Only a few studies have assessed the predation risk on artificially marked nests, or have examined ways of marking nests to avoid destruction by machinery. Until now, however, neither type of studyExpand
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Coping with nest predation risk in a species-rich bird community inhabiting a Siberian wetland
Abstract. Birds protect their nests against predators in various ways. In addition to active defence, they can hide their nests or use the protection of other species breeding nearby that activelyExpand
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Great variability in nest lining size: support for thermoregulation but not for anti-predatory adaptation hypothesis
AbstractNest lining is a key component in nests of many bird species. Among ground-nesting birds with open nests, it usually consists of dry sticks and stalks creating a thermoregulatory insulatingExpand
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Vliv extrémního počasí na průběh hnízdění čejky chocholaté (Vanellus vanellus) v roce 2013 Effect of extreme weather conditions on the course of breeding of the Northern Lapwing (Vanellus
Neobvyklá klimatická situace v roce 2013 výrazně ovlivnila načasování hnízdní sezóny čejky chocholaté (Vanellus vanellus) v České republice. S cílem odhalit rozsah tohoto vlivu jsme zjišťovaliExpand
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Successful breeding predicts divorce in plovers
When individuals breed more than once, parents are faced with the choice of whether to re-mate with their old partner or divorce and select a new mate. Evolutionary theory predicts that, followingExpand
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Inter-specific nest scrape reuse in waders: Little Ringed Plovers taking over the nest scrapes of Northern Lapwings
Capsule Inter-specific nest scrape reuse is rare in waders. We review this phenomenon and document it for the first time in the Little Ringed Plover Charadrius dubius breeding in vacant nest scrapesExpand
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Response to Comment on “Global pattern of nest predation is disrupted by climate change in shorebirds”
Bulla et al. dispute our main conclusion that the global pattern of nest predation is disrupted in shorebirds. We disagree with Bulla et al.’s conclusions and contest the robustness of theirExpand
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