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Development of a Markov-Chain-Based Energy Storage Model for Power Supply Availability Assessment of Photovoltaic Generation Plants
A new Markov-chain-based energy storage model to evaluate power supply availability of photovoltaic generation is proposed. Since photovoltaic resources have high output variability subject toExpand
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Availability Evaluation of Micro-Grids for Resistant Power Supply During Natural Disasters
This paper discusses how micro-grids availability during natural disasters and in their aftermath can be assessed based on Markov state space models and calculated using minimal cut sets approximations. Expand
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Effects of Power Electronics, Energy Storage, Power Distribution Architecture, and Lifeline Dependencies on Microgrid Resiliency During Extreme Events
This paper discusses microgrid power supply resiliency in extreme events and the impact of power electronic interfaces, energy storage, lifelines, and the characteristics of distributionExpand
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Comparison of Power and Telecommunications Dependencies and Interdependencies in the 2011 Tohoku and 2010 Maule Earthquakes
This paper compares dependencies and interdependencies between power and telecommunication infrastructures during the 2011 MW 9.0 Tohoku earthquake in Japan with those in the 2010 MW 8.8 Maule offshore earthquake in Chile. Expand
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Characterization of power system outages caused by hurricanes through localized intensity indices
This paper discusses characterization of hurricane-caused power system outages using simple to calculate localized tropical cyclone intensity indices. Studied outage metrics include maximum outageExpand
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Analysis of the energy storage operation of electrical vehicles with a photovoltaic roof using a Markov chain model
Energy storage operation in electrical vehicles, with a photovoltaic roof, is analyzed. When an electrical vehicle uses a photovoltaic roof in order to provide supplemental power, it is critical toExpand
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Empirically validated availability model of information and communication technologies facilities under hurricane conditions
This paper presents case studies of information and communications technology facilities performance under hurricane conditions supported by empirical data. The paper uses availability models alongExpand
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A Storage Integrated Modular Power Electronic Interface for Higher Power Distribution Availability
This paper proposes active power distribution nodes (APDNs) as an effective interface that can improve availability of power distribution networks. APDNs can be used as a modular interface block forExpand
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Modeling of communication systems dependency on electric power during nuclear attacks
This paper presents modeling of communication systems dependency on electric power during nuclear attacks. Resiliency models are used to characterize cell site dependencies on the main power grid andExpand
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Generalized integrated framework for modelling communications and electric power infrastructure resilience
This paper presents a quantitative framework for modeling electric power and communications infrastructures resilience. Expand
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