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Distinct Transmission Cycles of Leishmania tropica in 2 Adjacent Foci, Northern Israel
Infection with Leishmania tropica is emerging because of encroachment of rock hyraxes and transmission by multiple vector species. Expand
Characteristics of Resting and Breeding Habitats of Adult Sand Flies in the Judean Desert
Sand fly species P. sergenti seemed to better tolerate the drier habitats, which might explain the abundance of this species in the arid Judean Desert. Expand
Bionomics of phlebotomine sandflies in the Galilee focus of cutaneous leishmaniasis in northern Israel
Sandfly adult populations were prevalent from April to November and peaked between June and August, being more abundant through the summer in irrigated habitats, such as gardens and orchards, than in open grassland, and Phlebotomus arabicus appears to be the main vector of L.’tropica in the Galilee focus, due to its denser populations, more endophily and preference for peridomestic habitats. Expand
Decline Of Anopheles sergentii and Aedes caspius Populations Following Presentation Of Attractive Toxic (Spinosad) Sugar Bait Stations In An Oasis
ABSTRACT The effect of attractive sugar bait stations, including sucrose, juice of nectarine, slow-release substances, preservatives, red food-dye marker, and the oral insecticide spinosad, onExpand
The invasive shrub Prosopis juliflora enhances the malaria parasite transmission capacity of Anopheles mosquitoes: a habitat manipulation experiment
This study demonstrates how an invasive plant shrub promotes the malaria parasite transmission capacity of African malaria vector mosquitoes through the effect of flowering branches of highly attractive Prosopis juliflora. Expand
Reduction of mosquito biting-pressure: spatial repellents or mosquito traps? A field comparison of seven commercially available products in Israel.
Under minimal air-movement, three spatial repellent based products (ThermaCELL Patio Lantern, OFF! PowerPad lamp, and Terminix ALLCLEAR Tabletop Mosquito Repeller) significantly reduced the biting-pressure. Expand
Reliability of a higher-taxon approach to richness, rarity, and composition assessments at the local scale.
This study studied diversity patterns of three commonly used surrogate taxa: vascular plants, ground-dwelling beetles, and moths in the Jerusalem Mountains and the Judean foothills, Israel to investigate the reliability of the higher-taxon approach in assessing patterns of species richness, rarity, and composition at the local scale. Expand
Evaluation of attractive toxic sugar bait (ATSB)-Barrier for control of vector and nuisance mosquitoes and its effect on non-target organisms in sub-tropical environments in Florida.
This is the first study demonstrating effective control of anophelines in non-arid environments which suggest that even in highly competitive sugar rich environments this method could be used for control of malaria in Latin American countries. Expand
An annotated checklist of the horse flies (Diptera: Tabanidae) of the Sinai Peninsula Egypt with remarks on ecology and zoogeography.
During a 20-year survey the authors routinely collected Tabanidae in the Sinai resulting in a checklist of 22 species, which confirmed one doubtful record for the Sinai and collected 10 more species that were previously known or could be presumed from the Sinai. Expand
Evaluation of commercial products for personal protection against mosquitoes.
It was determined that the sticker, transdermal patch, wristbands and sonic device did not provide significant protection to volunteers compared with the mosquito attack rate on control volunteers who were not wearing a repellent device. Expand