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QoE4CLOUD: A QoE-driven multidimensional framework for cloud environments
The proposed novel approach merges together various QoS aspects in a multidimensional framework, referred to as QoE4CLOUD, which considers the perceived quality as the key metric for the management and performance optimization of the cloud environment.
Quantifying Factors Influencing the Adoption of Internet Banking Services in Greece
The findings of the analysis show that despite the fact that Internet Banking in Greece is steadily increasing its penetration, factors like security, ease of use and perceived usefulness of a system play a major role on the final decision of the customer to adopt an Internet Banking System.
Media Ecosystems: A Novel Approach for Content-Awareness in Future Networks
This chapter proposes a novel concept towards the deployment of a networked 'Media Ecosystem'. The proposed solution is based on a flexible cooperation between providers, operators, and end-users,
5G Performance Testing of Mobile Chatbot Applications
This paper provides an experimental study of the chatbot apps performance/QoS under different network and reception conditions using the 5G mobile network emulation testbed created and provided by the EU-funded TRIANGLE project.
Enabling agile video transcoding over SDN/NFV-enabled networks
A proof-of-concept experimental implementation of SDN/NFV-enabled network domain towards providing an agile video transcoding process for maintaining the QoE level of a media service when network congestion occurs.
5GENESIS: The Genesis of a flexible 5G Facility
The pathway towards the realisation of a 5G Facility that will allow the validation of the major 5G Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the key design principles of such Facility as well as the targeted use cases for the KPIs validation are described.
IoT Interoperability on Top of SDN/NFV-Enabled Networks
This chapter will be on top of a testbed so that MQTT, CoAP, and UDP protocols will be instantiated and set up in order to provide an interoperable layer using a virtual gateway.
Towards SDN/NFV-enabled satellite networks
This paper investigates the applicability of SDN and NFV technologies to satcom platforms and determines the benefits and the challenges associated with the integration of satellite infrastructures into future software-based networks and proposes a functional architecture for federated satellite-terrestrial software- based networks.
5 GENESIS : The Genesis of a flexible 5 G Facility
This paper describes the pathway towards the realisation of a 5G Facility that will allow the validation of the major 5G Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It reflects the approach that the 5GENESIS
A SDN-based WiFi-VLC Coupled System for Optimised Service Provision in 5G Networks
This paper presents and experimentally validates a SDN-assisted VLC system, which is coupled with WiFi access technology in order to improve the reliability of V LC system, reassuring zero packet loss reception quality due to misalignment or path obstructions or when the user is moving between two consecutive VLC transmitters and experience “dead coverage zones”.