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Manufactured fibre technology
Introduction. Structural principles of polymeric fibres. Basic principles of fluid flow during fibre spinning. Melt-spinning processes. Computer simulation of melt-spinning. Solution-spinningExpand
Wetting and Wicking in Fibrous Materials
Abstract This issue reviews developments in wetting and wicking of fibrous materials, covering characterization of wetting; wetting and wicking of fibers, filaments, yarns, and fabrics; factorsExpand
Permittivity of woven fabrics: A comparison of dielectric formulas for air-fiber mixture
  • Kausik Bal, V. Kothari
  • Materials Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical…
  • 24 June 2010
The dielectric properties of textile fabrics are becoming more important with respect to applications such as electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic shielding, fabric-reinforced composites forExpand
A Neural Network System for Prediction of Thermal Resistance of Textile Fabrics
The objective of this paper is to report a study on the predictability of the steady-state and transient thermal properties of fabrics using a feed-forward, back-propagation artificial neural networkExpand
Heat transfer through woven textiles
Abstract A mathematical model based on the principles of heat transfer to predict the thermal resistance of fabrics has been presented in this paper. The woven fabric is considered as a system ofExpand
Effect of fibre diameter and cross-sectional shape on moisture transmission through fabrics
The current work incorporates an experimental study on the effect of fiber cross sectional shape and fibre diameter on moisture transmission properties of the fabric. Water vapour transmission of theExpand
Assessment of frictional properties of some woven fabrics
Static and kinetic friction of some woven fabrics have been studied using different contact surfaces on the Instron tester with the help of a friction attachment. It is observed that air-jetExpand
Liquid sorption behaviour of nonwovens
In this paper, spunbond, meltblown and spunbond–meltblown–spunbond (SMS) nonwovens made from polypropylene are analysed for liquid transport behaviour. The thickness, grams per square metre (GSM),Expand
Measurement of dielectric properties of textile materials and their applications
Dielectric properties of textile materials have been used in process and quality control in relation to the moisture content, unevenness, drying, static generation, etc. Although dielectricExpand
Tensile stress–strain and recovery behavior of Indian silk fibers and their structural dependence
The tensile stress–strain and recovery behavior of all the four commercial varieties of Indian silk fibers, namely Mulberry, Tasar, Eri, and Muga, have been studied along with their structures.Expand