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Elasticity and magnetism of Ni2 MnGa premartensitic tweed
Magnetic, magneto-elastic and elastic measurements were used to characterize the thermal evolution of the premartensite phase of Ni2 MnGa. The premartensitic transition is shown to correspond to aExpand
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The effect of antiphase boundaries on the elastic properties of Ni-Mn-Ga austenite and premartensite.
The evolution of elastic properties with temperature and magnetic field was studied in two differently heat-treated single crystals of the Ni-Mn-Ga magnetic shape memory alloy using resonantExpand
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Changes in magnetic domain structure during twin boundary motion in single crystal Ni-Mn-Ga exhibiting magnetic shape memory effect
The complexity of Ni-Mn-Ga single crystal originates from the interplay between ferromagnetic domain structure and ferroelastic twinned microstructure. Magnetic domain structure in the vicinity ofExpand
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Magnetic shape memory effect at 1.7 K
Magnetic shape memory effect or magnetically induced structure reorientation (MIR) occurred down to 1.7 K in 10 M martensite with composition of Ni50.0Mn27.5Ga22.5 exhibiting no intermartensiteExpand
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Effect of intermartensite transformation on twinning stress in Ni-Mn-Ga 10?M martensite
Intermartensite transformations (IMTs) and temperature dependence of very low twinning stress associated with Type II twin boundaries were studied experimentally in four magnetic shape memory alloysExpand
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Resonant ultrasound spectroscopy – a tool to probe magneto-elastic properties of ferromagnetic shape memory alloys
Resonant ultrasound spectroscopy (RUS) was used to investigate the changes of elastic properties induced by magnetic field in magnetic shape memory alloys Ni-Mn-Ga and Co-Ni-Al. In contrast to largeExpand
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The relation between lattice parameters and very low twinning stress in Ni50Mn25+xGa25-x magnetic shape memory alloys
In search of the origins of the extraordinary low twinning stress of Ni-Mn-Ga 10M martensite, we studied the temperature induced changes in lattice parameters of Ni50Mn25+x Ga25−x (x = 2.7–3.9)Expand
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Effect of Magnetostatic Interactions on Twin Boundary Motion in NiMnGa Magnetic Shape Memory Alloy
We investigated the effect of magnetostatic interactions on the field-induced reorientation of martensite variants in Ni50.0Mn27.5Ga22.5. The reorientation, achieved by sweeping a single Type-II twinExpand
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Thermally induced changes of structure in Ni$_{50}$Mn$_{25+x}$Ga$_{25-x}$ magnetic shape memory single crystals with very low twinning stress
In search for the origins of the extraordinary low twinning stress of Ni-Mn-Ga magnetic shape memory alloys we studied the thermally induced changes of structure in Ni$_{50}$Mn$_{25+x}$Ga$_{25-x}$Expand
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Structural Changes in Co-Based F-SMA
The Co38Ni33Al29 alloy as a potential ferromagnetic shape memory alloy was investigated. The method of preparation of the unidirectional solidified single-crystals from cast material is described.Expand
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