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Load Leveling Reduces T&D Line Losses
The benefit of shifting load from the peak to the off-peak period is well known from the viewpoints of demand response and deferral of capacity upgrade. However, the impact of load leveling onExpand
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Exploring Quantum Mechanics: A Collection of 700+ Solved Problems for Students, Lecturers, and Researchers
Preface 1. Operators in Quantum Mechanics 2. One-Dimensional Motion 3. Orbital Angular Momentum 4. Motion in a Spherically-symmetric Potential 5. Spin 6. Time-Dependent Quantum Mechanics 7. Motion inExpand
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Kramers electrodynamics and electron-atomic radiative-collisional processes
Abstract A new, essentially classical method of description of inelastic atomic processes, both radiative and collisional, caused by electrons of low and moderate energies (typical for most plasmas)Expand
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Failure analysis of EHV transformers
Failure activity of different samples of AEP extra high voltage (EHV) transformers is analyzed using estimations of the time-dependent failure rate. This analysis can be applied to investigation ofExpand
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Substation distribution transformers failures and spares
Electric utilities should have a sufficient number of spare transformers to backup substation distribution transformers to replace transformers that fail and require factory rebuild or replacement.Expand
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Mathematical Model of Heterogeneous Electrochemical Capacitors and Calculation of Their Parameters
A mathematical model of heterogeneous electrochemical supercapacitors (HES) is proposed which makes it possible to develop capacitors with optimal designs and make calculations of their energy,Expand
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Self-Discharge Related to Iron Ions and its Effect on the Parameters of HES PbO2 ∣ H2SO4 ∣ C Systems
This work contains the results of research on the mechanism of the shuttle self-discharge determined by Fe 2+ and Fe 3+ ions in the electrolyte of a heterogeneous electrochemical supercapacitor (HES)Expand
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An indirect approach for evaluating the availability of adjustable speed drive systems applied to large power plant motors
Concerns may exist about the availability of adjustable speed drive (ASD) systems applied to large fixed speed motors at power plants. AEP has very limited experience with ASDs. Different dataExpand
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