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Quality Assurance in Tertiary Education : Current Practices in OECD Countries and a Literature Review on Potential Effects
Qu ua al li it ty y A As ss su ur ra an nc ce e i in n T Te er rt ti ia ar ry y E Ed du uc ca at ti io on n: : C Cu ur rr re en nt t P Pr ra ac ct ti ic ce es s i in n O OE EC CD D C Co ou un nt trExpand
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Sorption of copper, zinc and lead on soil mineral phases.
Soil mineral phases play a significant role in controlling heavy metal mobility in soils. The effective study of their relation needs the integrated use of several analytical methods. In this study,Expand
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A Skills beyond School Review of Korea
Higher level vocational education and training (VET) programmes are facing rapid change and intensifying challenges. What type of training is needed to meet the needs of a changing economies? HowExpand
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Association of individual soil mineral constituents and heavy metals as studied by sorption experiments and analytical electron microscopy analyses.
Sorption characteristics of bulk soil samples and discrete soil mineral constituents were studied by Cu, Zn and Pb batch sorption experiments and analytical electron microscopy analyses. Copper andExpand
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Structural properties and transformations of precipitated FeS
Abstract Nanocrystalline iron sulfides form in diverse anoxic environments. The initial precipitate is commonly referred to as nanocrystalline mackinawite (FeS) or amorphous FeS. In order to betterExpand
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Nanostructure of atmospheric soot particles
Abstract We studied the structure of atmospheric soot using electron-diffraction-based pair distribution function (PDF) analysis, and compared it with other carbon structures. Two reference materialsExpand
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Urban airborne particulate matters and dusts can be both ingested and inhaled, causing health damage due to their size, shape and nature of toxic components. Our aim was to characterize theExpand
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HRTEM study of Popigai impact diamond: heterogeneous diamond nanostructures in native amorphous carbon matrix
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy was applied for the detailed nanostructural investigation of Popigai impact diamonds with the aim of revealing the nature of the amorphous carbon ofExpand
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OECD Reviews of Vocational Education and Training: A Learning for Jobs Review of Hungary 2008
Learning for Jobs is an OECD study of vocational education and training (VET) designed to help countries make their VET systems more responsive to labour market needs. Since 1989, Hungary has madeExpand
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