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Factors Controlling Chemistry of Magmatic Spinel: an Empirical Study of Associated Olivine, Cr-spinel and Melt Inclusions from Primitive Rocks
Compositions of ~2500 spinel-olivine pairs and 400 melt inclusion-spinel pairs have been analysed from 36 igneous suites from oceanic, arc and intraplate tectonic settings. Our data confirm that
The amount of recycled crust in sources of mantle-derived melts.
Olivine phenocrysts' compositions record differences in the contributions of pyroxenite-derived melts in mid-ocean ridge basalts, which imply involvement of 2 to 20% (up to 28%) of recycled crust in mantle melting.
Metal saturation in the upper mantle
The results indicate that the oxidized nature of the upper mantle can no longer be regarded as being representative for the Earth’s upper mantle as a whole and instead that oxidation is a shallow phenomenon restricted to an upper veneer only about 250 km in thickness.
Picrites from the Emeishan Large Igneous Province, SW China: a Compositional Continuum in Primitive Magmas and their Respective Mantle Sources
Flood basalts are one of the remaining enigmas in global mantle petrology. They come in enormous quantities of up to 10. 6 km. 3 of mantle-derived melt, and they erupt in rather short time intervals
Release of gold-bearing fluids in convergent margin magmas prompted by magnetite crystallization
It is proposed that the abrupt depletion in gold and copper results from concurrent sulphur reduction as a result of fO2 buffering, causing enhanced formation of copper–gold hydrosulphide complexes that become scavenged from crystallizing melts into cogenetic magmatic aqueous fluids.
Olivine in the Udachnaya-East Kimberlite (Yakutia, Russia): Types, Compositions and Origins
Olivine is the principal mineral of kimberlite magmas, and is the main contributor to the ultramafic composition of kimberlite rocks. Olivine is partly or completely altered in common kimberlites,
Enriched End-member of Primitive MORB Melts: Petrology and Geochemistry of Glasses from Macquarie Island (SW Pacific)
Macquarie Island is an exposure above sea-level of part of the crest of the Macquarie Ridge. The ridge marks the Australia-Pacific plate boundary south of New Zealand, where the plate boundary has
Carbonatite metasomatism in the southeastern Australian lithosphere
New mineralogical and geochemical data from a suite of glass +/- apatite +/- amphibole +/- phlogopite +/- carbonate-bearing spinel wehrlite, lherzolite and harzburgite xenoliths from the Newer
Survival times of anomalous melt inclusions from element diffusion in olivine and chromite
It is shown that the fluxes of rare-earth elements through olivine and chromite by lattice diffusion are sufficiently rapid at magmatic temperatures to re-equilibrate completely the rare- earth-element patterns of trapped melt inclusions in times that are short compared to those estimated for the production and ascent of mantle-derived magma or for magma residence in the crust.
An Experimental Study of Carbonated Eclogite at 3·5–5·5 GPa—Implications for Silicate and Carbonate Metasomatism in the Cratonic Mantle
We have experimentally investigated a K-bearing altered mid-ocean ridge basalt (MORB) composition to which 10% CaCO3 was added (GA1+10%cc), at temperatures of 1050-1400oC and pressures of 3•5-5•5