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A Reversible Photoreaction Controlling Seed Germination.
* Part of this work was done as a National Research Council Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley. 1 Bonner, J. T., Am. J. Bot., 31, 175 (1944). 2 Skupienski, F. X., Recherches Sur LeExpand
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Action of Light on Lettuce-Seed Germination
1. The observations of Flint and McAlister that imbibed seed of some lettuce varieties can be promoted in germination by irradiation in the red portion of the spectrum and inhibited in the infraredExpand
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Photocontrol of Lepidium Seed Germination.
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Imbibition period as the critical temperature sensitive stage in germination of lima bean seeds.
Lima bean seeds (Phaseolus lunatus L.) and excised embryonic axes can be injured during imbibition at temperatures below 25 degrees . The early imbibitional stage is critical; imbibition at 25Expand
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Interaction of Temperature and Light in Germination of Seeds.
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Opposing Actions of Light in Seed Germination of Poa pratensis and Amaranthus arenicola.
Action spectra were measured for suppression of germination of Poa pratensis L. and Amaranthus arenicola I. M. Johnston seed under prolonged or continuous irradiation. The action maxima for bothExpand
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Release of Esterase Following Germination of Lettuce Seed (Lactuca sativa L.).
Light-insensitive lettuce seeds, Lactuca sativa L. cv. Great Lakes, release esterases for a period following radicle protrusion. Very little or no enzymes are released prior to 24 hours or after 48Expand
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A Study of Rapid Deterioration of Vegetable Seeds and Methods for its Prevention
Page Introduction 1 Materials and methods. 3 Seeds 3 Storage chambers 3 Preparation of seed lots 3 Routine for small samples 4 Germination tests 5 Drying equipment 5 Drying routine 6 Treatment ofExpand
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