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Selective Optical Charge Generation, Storage and Readout in a Single Self Assembled Quantum Dot
We report the investigation of a single quantum dot charge storage device. The device allows selective optical charging of a single dot with electrons; storage of these charges over timescales muchExpand
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Direct observation of metastable hot trions in an individual quantum dot
Magneto photoluminescence and excitation spectroscopy are used to probe the excited state spectrum of negatively charged trions in a InGaAs quantum dot. A single dot optical charging device allows usExpand
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Excited state quantum couplings and optical switching of an artificial molecule
We optically probe the spectrum of ground and excited state transitions of an individual, electrically tunable self-assembled quantum dot molecule. Photocurrent absorption measurements show that theExpand
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Observation of an electrically tunable exciton g factor in InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots
The electric field dependence of the exciton g factor and the fine structure splitting in self-assembled InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots grown via a flush-overgrowth technique is studied by photocurrent andExpand
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A Charge and Spin Readout Scheme For Single Self-Assembled Quantum Dots
We propose an all optical spin initialization and readout concept for single self assembled quantum dots and demonstrate its feasibility. Our approach is based on a gateable single dot photodiodeExpand
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Observation and explanation of strong electrically tunable exciton g factors in composition engineered In(Ga)As quantum dots
Strong electrically tunable exciton g factors are observed in individual (Ga)InAs self-assembled quantum dots and the microscopic origin of the effect is explained. Realistic eight-band k · pExpand
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Optically monitoring electron spin relaxation in a single quantum dot using a spin memory device
eld applied in Faraday geometry, we show how the spin of the electron can be prepared with a polarization up to 65% simply by controlling the voltage applied to the gate electrode. After generation,Expand
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Highly nonlinear excitonic Zeeman spin splitting in composition-engineered artificial atoms
Non-linear Zeeman splitting of neutral excitons is observed in composition engineerd InxGa1-xAS self-assembled quantum dots and its microscopic origin is explained. Eight-band k . p simulations,Expand
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Asymmetric optical nuclear spin pumping in a single uncharged quantum dot
A highly asymmetric dynamic nuclear spin pumping is observed in a single self assembled InGaAs quantum dot subject to resonant optical pumping of the neutral exciton transition leading to a largeExpand
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All optical preparation, storage, and readout of a single spin in an individual quantum dot
We demonstrate optical single electron spin-initialization, -storage and -readout in a single self-assembled InGaAs quantum dot using a spin memory device. Single electron spin relaxation isExpand