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Handbook of public sociology
1 Redefining the Nature and Future of Sociology: Toward a Holistic Sociology Vincent Jeffries Part I: Exploring and Elaborating the Holistic Model 2 Burawoy's Holistic Sociology and Sorokin's
Virtue and Marital Conflict: A Theoretical Formulation and Research Agenda
This article presents a theoretical perspective and a research agenda for the study of the relationship between love and effective conflict management in marriage. Love is conceptualized as virtue.
The integral paradigm: The truth of faith and the social sciences
This article proposes a paradigm for the social sciences derived from Pitirim A. Sorokin’s writings about Integralism. His conception of a three-component system of truth and knowledge which includes
The Palgrave handbook of altruism, morality, and social solidarity : formulating a field of study
PART I: GENERAL PERSPECTIVES AND FUTURE DIRECTIONS 1. Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity as a Field of Study Vincent Jeffries 2. Virtues and Human Personhood in the Social Sciences Margarita
Political Generations and the Acceptance or Rejection of Nuclear Warfare.
The paper examines differential attitudes toward the use in war of nuclear weapons among age strata, analyzed from the perspective of political generations. Data for the study came from a probability
Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity as a Field of Study
The study of altruism, morality, and social solidarity is now in the process of becoming a recognized field of specialization in sociology. These phenomena were of central concern in the earlier
Altruism and social solidarity: Envisioning a field of specialization
ConclusionThis article has presented a vision of what a field of altruism and social solidarity could potentially involve. An additional perspective on the nature of this field and how it could
The Influence of Theology, Denomination, and Values upon the Positions of Clergy on Social Issues
A study of 321 randomly selected pastors of five denominations in the Los Angeles metropolitan area revealed that theological position was the best of three predictors of opinions and activities
Interracial Social Contact and Middle-Class White Reactions to the Watts Riot
With data collected shortly after the Watts riot, the reactions of a sample of white middle-class respondents are studied. It is found that prior social contact with Negroes is an important