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Performance evaluation of space shift keying in free-space optical communication
In this paper, we study the performance of a space shift keying (SSK) scheme in a free space optical (FSO) communication system under indoor and outdoor conditions. Expand
Experimental Study on Beam Wander Under Varying Atmospheric Turbulence Conditions
The performance of free space optical (FSO) communication is affected by various phenomena such as absorption, scattering, and turbulence. For FSO uplink, the major factors that degrade theExpand
Performance Analysis of FSO Array Receivers in Presence of Atmospheric Turbulence
We evaluate the performance of a free space optical link using an array of direct detection receivers in terms of the bit error rate (BER) under the influence of various atmospheric conditions andExpand
Performance analysis of ground to satellite FSO system with DAPPM scheme in weak atmospheric turbulence
In this paper, performance of FSO system with DAPPM (A×L = 16) scheme has been analysed. We find that, at relatively low turbulence, increasing the number of amplitude levels improves the performanceExpand
A study of noise in various modes of transport in Delhi
Abstract A survey of traffic noise in the city of Delhi was carried out in order to examine the nature and levels of noise inside various types of vehicle. The study involved measurements of averageExpand
Effect of Four-Wave Mixing on Optimal Placement of Optical Amplifier in WDM Star Networks
In this article, the effect of four-wave mixing (FWM) and amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) noise on WDM optical star networks has been investigated. Analysis for the evaluation of probability ofExpand
Optical Amplifiers in Broadcast Optical Networks: A Survey
In this paper use of semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs) and doped fiber amplifier (DFAs) is being surveyed in several broadcast topologies, e.g. bus, star, tree etc. Expand
Evaluation of seasonal variations in abundance of BTXE hydrocarbons and their ozone forming potential in ambient urban atmosphere of Dehradun (India)
In Dehradun, ambient volatile organic compounds (VOC) samples were collected for three seasons viz. summer, winter and monsoon (during period 2012–2013) to investigate seasonal variations at fiveExpand
Analysis of earth-to-satellite free-space optical link performance in the presence of turbulence, beam-wander induced pointing error and weather conditions for different intensity modulation schemes
In this study, the authors evaluate the performance of an earth-to-satellite free-space optical link in terms of bit error rate (BER) for three intensity modulation (IM) schemes. Expand
Performance analysis of free space optical links using multi-input multi-output and aperture averaging in presence of turbulence and various weather conditions
We show that MIMO schemes cause a decrease in the BER and P out which, at low signal-to-noise ratios, is more significant in presence of very clear air and clear air as compared with haze and fog weather conditions. Expand