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Beta-D-glucopyranosyl caldarchaetidylglycerol is the main lipid of the acidophilic, mesophilic, ferrous iron-oxidising archaeon Ferroplasma acidiphilum.
Chloroform-methanol-extractable lipids account for about 5% by weight of dry cells of the acidophilic, autotrophic, mesophilic, ferrous compound-oxidising, cell wall-less archaeon FerroplasmaExpand
A novel glycosphingolipid from gram-negative aquatic bacteria.
The chloroform-methanol extractable lipids of the Gram-negative fresh-water bacteria Arcocella aquatica NO-502 and Flectobacillus major FM were found to contain an unusual ninhydrin-positiveExpand
Phenotypic Features of Ferroplasma acidiphilum Strains YT and Y-2
Earlier, we described a new family of mesophilic, strictly autotrophic Fe2+-oxidizing archaebacteria, Ferroplasmaceae, which belongs to the order Thermoplasmales and includes the genus FerroplasmaExpand
Two unusual glycerophospholipids from a filamentous fungus, Absidia corymbifera.
The chloroform-methanol extractable lipids of the soil filamentous fungus Absidia corymbifera VKMF-965 account for about 20% by weight of dry cells and are composed of low-polarity constituentsExpand
Unusual lipid composition of the gram-negative, freshwater, stalked bacterium Caulobacter bacteroides NP-105.
The extractable lipids of the gram-negative, stalked, freshwater bacterium Caulobacter bacteroides NP-105 account for about 9.5% by weight of dry cells, polar lipids comprising up to 95% of theExpand
The polar-lipid composition of the sphingolipid-producing bacterium Flectobacillus major.
Polar lipids comprise about 90% of the total chloroform-methanol extractable lipids of the Gram-negative, fresh-water, ring-forming bacterium Flectobacillus major FM and consist of at least 10Expand
Structure and stereochemistry of galbanic acid
On the basis of the1H NMR spectrum at 300 MHz and the results of chemical degradation, the structure of 7-[6-(β-carboxyethyl)-5-isopropylidene-1,2-dimethylcyclo-hexylmethoxy]coumarin has beenExpand
Lipids of the zygomycete Absidia corymbifera F-965.
The cell lipids of the zygomycete Absidia corymbifera F-965 extracted with isopropanol and CHCl3-MeOH mixtures at the exponential growth phase comprise 20+/-2% of mycelium dry wt. The lipids consistExpand
Acylated C-glycosides ofIris lactea
From the epigeal part ofIris lactea two acylated C-glycosylflavones not described in the literature have been isolated. On the basis of chemical transformations, and the results of UV, IR, and NMRExpand
Modification of cytidine residues with a bisulfite-O-methylhydroxylamine mixture.
Abstract 1. A bisulfite— O- methylhydroxylamine mixture under mild conditions causes the quantitative conversion of cytidine monomers into an equal amount of two diastereomeric N 4 - methoxy -5,6-Expand