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Infrared spectra of atactic poly-4-vinylpyridine
There is a comparatively large number of papers on the analysis and calculation of the frequencies of the normal modes of pyridine and deuteropyridine [i-i0], on the partial interpretation of theExpand
В статье выполнен обзор существующих программных продуктов для анализа и интерпретации электрокардиосигнала (ЭКГ), предложен алгоритм идентификации ЭКГ, основанный на обнаружении и временнойExpand
Determination of polyvinylpyrrolidone in aqueous solutions by IR-spectrophotometric and spectrofluorimetric methods
The wa t e r so lub l e synthetic po lymer po ly -N-v iny lpy r ro l idone (PVP) is widely known in medical p rac t i ce as a disintoxicant fo r binding and discharging toxins f rom the organism, andExpand
Processing of ECG Signals Based on Wavelet Transformation
In this paper present an improved method of ECG delineation approach based on the continuous wavelet transformation and singlescale approach is presented. The algorithm was design to detect nine mainExpand
R-peaks detection using wavelet Technology
The given work presents the methodology of R-peaks detection in an electrocardiogram signal based on Discrete Wavelet Transformation and the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm has been tested by using records obtained from the MIT/BIH Physionet arrhythmia database. Expand
13C NMR spectroscopy of amino acid mixtures. II. Amino acid composition of preparations based on liver hydrolyzates
Preparations based on pig liver hydrolyzates represent a complex mixture of free amino acids, peptldes, saccharides, and other natural compounds. Well resolved signals of the basic components of theExpand