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New PI(4,5)P2- and membrane proximal integrin–binding motifs in the talin head control β3-integrin clustering
A talin intermolecular interaction autoinhibits its own activation and regulates β3-integrin binding. When bound, β3-integrin undergoes structural alterations that prevent its β and α subunits fromExpand
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A comparison of immunogenicity of norovirus GII‐4 virus‐like particles and P‐particles
Norovirus (NoV) ‐derived virus‐like particles (VLPs) resemble empty shells of the virus and NoV P‐particles contain only protruding domains of the NoV capsid. Both NoV‐derived subviral particles showExpand
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Genetically engineered avidins and streptavidins
Abstract.Chicken avidin and bacterial streptavidin, (strept)avidin, are proteins widely utilized in a number of applications in life science, ranging from purification and labeling techniques toExpand
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Global Analysis of Human Nonreceptor Tyrosine Kinase Specificity Using High-Density Peptide Microarrays
Protein kinases phosphorylate substrates in the context of specific phosphorylation site sequence motifs. The knowledge of the specific sequences that are recognized by kinases is useful for mappingExpand
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Chicken avidin-related proteins show altered biotin-binding and physico-chemical properties as compared with avidin.
Chicken avidin and bacterial streptavidin are proteins familiar from their use in various (strept)avidin-biotin technological applications. Avidin binds the vitamin biotin with the highest affinityExpand
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Enteroviral proteases: structure, host interactions and pathogenicity
Enteroviruses are common human pathogens, and infections are particularly frequent in children. Severe infections can lead to a variety of diseases, including poliomyelitis, aseptic meningitis,Expand
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Dynamic piezoelectric stimulation enhances osteogenic differentiation of human adipose stem cells.
This work reports on the influence of the substrate polarization of electroactive β-poly(vinylidene fluoride) (β-PVDF) on human adipose stem cells (hASCs) differentiation under static and dynamicExpand
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GFP's Mechanical Intermediate States
Green fluorescent protein (GFP) mutants have become the most widely used fluorescence markers in the life sciences, and although they are becoming increasingly popular as mechanical force or strainExpand
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Connection between absorption properties and conformational changes in Deinococcus radiodurans phytochrome.
Phytochromes consist of several protein domains and a linear tetrapyrrole molecule, which interact as a red-light-sensing system. In this study, size-exclusion chromatography and light-scatteringExpand
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Internalization of novel non-viral vector TAT-streptavidin into human cells
BackgroundThe cell-penetrating peptide derived from the Human immunodeficiency virus-1 transactivator protein Tat possesses the capacity to promote the effective uptake of various cargo moleculesExpand
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