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Phenology and stem-growth periodicity of tree species in Amazonian floodplain forests
To study the impact of the annual long-term flooding (flood-pulse) on seasonal tree development in Amazonian floodplains, the phenology and growth in stem diameter of various tree species withExpand
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Below- and above-ground biomass and net primary production in a paleotropical natural forest (Sulawesi, Indonesia) as compared to neotropical forests
Abstract Data on the biomass and productivity of southeast Asian tropical forests are rare, making it difficult to evaluate the role of these forest ecosystems in the global carbon cycle and theExpand
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Variability in radial sap flux density patterns and sapwood area among seven co-occurring temperate broad-leaved tree species.
Forest transpiration estimates are frequently based on xylem sap flux measurements in the outer sections of the hydro-active stem sapwood. We used Granier's constant-heating technique with heatingExpand
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Leaf water status and stem xylem flux in relation to soil drought in five temperate broad-leaved tree species with contrasting water use strategies
Abstract• Five temperate broad-leaved tree species were compared with respect to their water consumption strategies under ample and restricted water supply. We measured synchronously leaf conductanceExpand
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Stem water storage in five coexisting temperate broad-leaved tree species: significance, temporal dynamics and dependence on tree functional traits.
The functional role of internal water storage is increasingly well understood in tropical trees and conifers, while temperate broad-leaved trees have only rarely been studied. We examined theExpand
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Environment and tree size controlling stem sap flux in a perhumid tropical forest of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
Abstract• IntroductionWe studied stem sap flux density in seven common tree species in a perhumid tropical rainforest at pre-montane elevation in Sulawesi with the aims (1) to analyse theExpand
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Environmental control of daily stem growth patterns in five temperate broad-leaved tree species.
Tree ring analysis investigates growth processes at time horizons of several weeks to millennia, but lacks the detail of short-term fluctuation in cambial activity. This study used electronicExpand
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Seed and seedling survival of the palm Astrocaryum murumuru and the legume tree Dipteryx micrantha in gaps in Amazonian forest
The role of regeneration strategies in structuring tropical tree communities has been a recent focus of attention of tropical ecologists. Canopy discontinuities created by tree-falls are consideredExpand
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Vessel diameter and xylem hydraulic conductivity increase with tree height in tropical rainforest trees in Sulawesi, Indonesia
Abstract In humid environments, where trees rarely experience severe soil water limitation, the hydraulic system of trees requires a functional architecture for effectively transporting of water toExpand
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Changes in wood density, wood anatomy and hydraulic properties of the xylem along the root-to-shoot flow path in tropical rainforest trees.
It is generally assumed that the largest vessels are occurring in the roots and that vessel diameters and the related hydraulic conductance in the xylem are decreasing acropetally from roots toExpand
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