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Flowering Plants of the World
An examination of more than 300 flowering plant families with specially commissioned colour plates in illustration shows the importance of knowing the phytochemical properties of these plants to the gardener and to the environment. Expand
Centres of plant diversity : a guide and strategy for their conservation
This three-volume work covering nearly 250 major sites for conservation of plant diversity worldwide is concern about rapid global loss and degradation of natural ecosystems and it is hoped that areas of prime botanical importance will be ensured by an adequate commitment of resources. Expand
Flowering Plant Families of the World
This updated and revised successor to a classic book, Flowering Plants of the World is an authoritative, fascinating introduction to the Earth's most colourful flora comprising comprehensive accounts of more than 500 flowering plant families. Expand
Flora Europaea. Vol. 2. Rosaceae to Umbelliferae.
Vol. 1 of what can legitimately be considered as the major flora of the post-War period appeared in 1964 [cf. XXXV, 1370] and its general characteristics were enthusiastically described in ourExpand
Plant conservation: old problems, new perspectives
A review is given of the major conceptual changes that have taken place during the last 50 years in our understanding of the nature of plant conservation and of the principal methodological advancesExpand
Principles of angiosperm taxonomy
The principles of angiosperm taxonomy are described in detail in the second part of this monograph on phylogenetic relationships betweenpermpermperm establishment and infectious disease. Expand