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Cell cycle-related changes in F-actin distribution are correlated with glycolytic activity.
XTH-2 cells, a cell line derived from tadpole heart endothelial cells, were blocked at the end of the G1 phase of the cell cycle using desoxyguanosine (dG). Stress fibers are the dominant actinExpand
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[Arterial supply to the anterior segment of the eye. Radioanatomical study of a series of 25 human eyes].
We studied the arterial vascularization of the anterior segment of 25 cadaver eyes. Arteries had been opacified by an injection of an aqueous suspension of barium. Our study has focused on theExpand
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[Treatment of lacrimal canal stenoses by canaliculoplasty].
An attempt to make a canaliculoplasty for 53 cases with canalicular stenosis gave a functional favorable result for 40 cases; Microsurgery is essential. By pass procedures were performed only in caseExpand
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[Epidermoid carcinoma of the lacrimal sac after acute post-traumatic dacryocystitis].
A 58 year old man underwent a facial trauma and developed, after several months, an acute dacryocystitis. A DCR procedure was performed but a pericystitis pursued its course for 6 years though a goodExpand
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[Arterial vascularization and ischemia of the anterior eye segment. Experimental radio-anatomical study of human cadavers].
Ischemia of the anterior segment of the eye is rare but may be in relation with some strabismic procedures. The physiopathology is unclear. This experimental data on human cadaver studied theExpand
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[Microsurgical treatment of narrow lacrimal points].
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Aircraft Trajectory Optimization in the Horizontal Plane
Abstract The problem of minimum time trajectory optimization for aircraft in the presence of winds is considered. The solutions are obtained by employing a parametrization technique based on theExpand
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[Strabismus caused by deep unilateral organic amblyopia. Determinant factors].
Aircraft trajectory optimization in the horizontal plane
The problem of minimum time trajectory optimization for aircraft in the horizontal plane is considered by employing Caratheodory theorem in order to reduce the problem into a finite dimensional optimization problem, without using the minimum principle or similar analysis methods. Expand
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