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Structure of the ask-asd operon and formation of aspartokinase subunits in the cephamycin producer 'Amycolatopsis lactamdurans'.
The first two genes of the lysine pathway are closely linked forming a transcriptional operon in the cephamycin producer 'Amycolatopsis lactamdurans' and the presence of a ribosome-binding site within the ask sequence suggests that this ORF encodes two overlapping proteins. Expand
A Novel Heptameric Sequence (TTAGTAA) Is the Binding Site for a Protein Required for High Level Expression of pcbAB, the First Gene of the Penicillin Biosynthesis in Penicillium chrysogenum *
In vivo studies using constructions carrying point mutations in the TTAGTAA sequence confirmed that this intact sequence is required for high level expression of the pcbAB gene, a factor required for expression of several genes in yeasts. Expand
Precipitation of Metallic Cations by the Acidic Exopolysaccharides from Bradyrhizobium japonicum and Bradyrhizobium (Chamaecytisus) Strain BGA-1
The results suggest that the precipitation is based on the interaction between carboxylate groups from different polysaccharide chains and the partially hydrolyzed aquoions of Fe, Al, Th, and Sn. Expand