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Fluctuating reproductive rates in Hawaii's humpback whales, Megaptera novaeangliae, reflect recent climate anomalies in the North Pacific
Alongside changing ocean temperatures and ocean chemistry, anthropogenic climate change is now impacting the fundamental processes that support marine systems. However, where natural climateExpand
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Manufactured Coal Ash Aggregates for Aqueous TNT Sorption
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Electronic and dynamical effects from the unusual features of the Raman spectra of oligo and polythiophenes
Abstract A comprehensive search for structure/property correlations in the Raman spectra of oligo and polythiophenes is carried out for many homologous series of oligothiophenes (approximately 50Expand
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Combined Spectroscopic and Theoretical Study of Narrow Band Gap Heterocyclic Co-oligomers Containing Alternating Aromatic Donor and o-Quinoid Acceptor Units
In this paper we analyze, with the help of density-functional theory calculations, the relationship between the molecular structure and the optical and vibrational properties of two narrow band gapExpand
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Characterization of bioactive molecules isolated from sea cucumber Athyonidium chilensis
En la ultima decada se ha incrementado el interes por la busqueda de moleculas con potencial biomedico y amigable para el ambiente. Desde esta perspectiva, la busqueda de principios bioactivos deExpand
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Amplified Spontaneous Emission in Pentathienoacene Dioxides by Direct Optical Pump and by Energy Transfer: Correlation with Photophysical Parameters
Authors from the University of Alicante acknowledge support from the Spanish Government (MINECO) and the European Community (FEDER) through grants MAT2008–06648-C02–01 and MAT2011–28167-C02–01. TheExpand
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Explosives Sorption to Coal Ash Aggregates
Sorption is a process where a dissolved substance is transferred to and becomes associated with solid sorption materials. Synthetic polymeric materials and activated carbons have been used mostExpand
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Investigation of the long effective conjugation length in defect-free insulated molecular wires
M. Carmen Ruiz Delgado1*, C. Capel Ferrón1, V. Hernández1, J.T. López Navarrete1, L. Brambilla2, M. Tommasini2, A. Milani2, C. Castiglioni2, K. Sugiyasu3 1Department of Physical Chemistry, UniversityExpand
Combined theoretical and spectroscopic Raman study of 3,4-ethylenedioxy and S,S-dioxide substituted terthiophenes and their parent polymers
Abstract This paper reports on the analysis of the Raman spectra, supported by DFT quantum chemical calculations, of a series of terthiophenes which present the novelty of being selectivelyExpand
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