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Lipid bilayer pre-transition as the beginning of the melting process.
We investigate the bilayer pre-transition exhibited by some lipids at temperatures below their main phase transition, and which is generally associated to the formation of periodic ripples in theExpand
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Liquid polymorphism, density anomaly and H-bond disruption in associating lattice gases
We have investigated the effects of either distorting hydrogen bonds or removing proton degeneracy on the thermodynamic properties of a minimal model for associating liquids. The presence of twoExpand
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Monte Carlo simulation of a lattice model for micelle formation
We have investigated the aggregation into micelles of nonionic amphiphiles in water through Monte Carlo simulations of a very simple model system. Amphiphiles and water are modeled, respectively, asExpand
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Ionization and structural changes of the DMPG vesicle along its anomalous gel-fluid phase transition: a study with different lipid concentrations.
Dispersions of saturated anionic phospholipid dimyristoyl phosphatidylglycerol (DMPG) have been extensively studied regarding their peculiar thermostructural behavior. At low ionic strength, theExpand
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Liquid polymorphism and density anomaly in a lattice gas model.
We present a simple model for an associating liquid in which polymorphism and density anomaly are connected. Our model combines a two dimensional lattice gas with particles interacting through a softExpand
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Plasma Catecholamines during an Ultrarapid Heroin Detoxification
The adrenergic system has long been known to be activated in a situation of stress and thus during opiate withdrawal. A method for detoxification that decreases the stimulation of the sympatheticExpand
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Liquid polymorphism and density anomaly in a three-dimensional associating lattice gas.
The authors investigate the phase diagram of a three-dimensional associating lattice gas (ALG) model. This model combines orientational icelike interactions and "van der Waals" that might beExpand
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Liquid polymorphism, order-disorder transitions and anomalous behavior: A Monte Carlo study of the Bell-Lavis model for water.
The Bell-Lavis model for liquid water is investigated through numerical simulations. The lattice-gas model on a triangular lattice presents orientational states and is known to present a highlyExpand
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Frustration and anomalous behavior in the Bell-Lavis model of liquid water.
We have reconsidered the Bell-Lavis model of liquid water and investigated its relation to its isotropic version, the antiferromagnetic Blume-Emery-Griffiths model on the triangular lattice. OurExpand
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Light scattering on the structural characterization of DMPG vesicles along the bilayer anomalous phase transition.
Highly charged vesicles of the saturated anionic lipid dimyristoyl phosphatidylglycerol (DMPG) in low ionic strength medium exhibit a very peculiar thermo-structural behavior. Along a wide gel-fluidExpand
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