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Discrete-time adaptive windowing for velocity estimation
A first-order adaptive windowing method is shown to be optimal in the sense that it minimizes the velocity error variance while maximizes the accuracy of the estimates, requiring no tradeoff. Expand
Single state elastoplastic friction models
A new class of single state models is defined in which presliding is elastoplastic: under loading, frictional displacement is first purely elastic and then transitions to plastic, to substantially reduce drift while preserving the favorable properties of existing models. Expand
Force can overcome object geometry in the perception of shape through active touch
It is shown that regardless of surface geometry, subjects identified and located shape features on the basis of force cues or their correlates, and it is found that subjects perceived a bump. Expand
Performance Measures for Haptic Interfaces
Requirements and guidelines for the performance measures of haptic devices are set out and performance measures introduced which have so far not been pertinent in traditional robotics; these include, peak force, peak acceleration and frequency dependent measurements. Expand
Haptic interfaces and devices
A description of the components and the modus operandi of haptic interfaces are described, followed by a list of current and prospective applications and a discussion of a cross‐section of current device designs. Expand
Finger pad friction and its role in grip and touch
Many aspects of both grip function and tactile perception depend on complex frictional interactions occurring in the contact zone of the finger pad, which is the subject of the current review. WhileExpand
Estimation of the Fracture Toughness of Soft Tissue from Needle Insertion
From measurements made in vivo, porcine liver fracture toughness was estimated from the difference in penetration force between two consecutive insertions at the same location and the values obtained fall within a reasonable range and confirm the relevance of a computational model of needle insertion based on fracture mechanics. Expand
Elasto-plastic friction model: contact compliance and stiction
The presliding displacement and stiction properties of friction models are investigated. It is found that existing single-state-variable friction models possess either stiction or preslidingExpand
Wearable Haptic Systems for the Fingertip and the Hand: Taxonomy, Review, and Perspectives
This paper presents a taxonomy and review of wearable haptic systems for the fingertip and the hand, focusing on those systems directly addressing wearability challenges, and reports on the future perspectives of the field. Expand
A brief taxonomy of tactile illusions and demonstrations that can be done in a hardware store
  • V. Hayward
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Brain Research Bulletin
  • 15 April 2008
This paper surveys more than twenty types of tactile illusions and discusses several of their aspects. These aspects include the ease with which they can be demonstrated and whether they have clearExpand