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Dissolved trace metal distributions in Port Jackson estuary (Sydney Harbour), Australia.
Concentrations of dissolved metals (Cd, Cu, Ni, Mn and Zn) were determined for summer and winter, under low-flow conditions in Port Jackson, a microtidal, well-mixed estuary in south-east Australia.Expand
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Kinetics of trace element uptake and release by particles in estuarine waters: effects of pH, salinity, and particle loading.
The uptake and release of 109Cd, 51Cr, 60Co, 59Fe, 54Mn, and 65Zn were studied using end-member waters and particles from Port Jackson estuary, Australia. The kinetics of adsorption and desorptionExpand
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Influence of proximity to an urban center in the pattern of contamination by marine debris.
In order to test the relationship between the occurrence of marine debris and the distance from urban areas, nine beaches in the metropolitan area of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil and the adjacent northernExpand
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Spatial and Temporal Variability of Particulate Trace Metals in Port Jackson Estuary, Australia
Abstract Major elements (Al, Ca, Fe and Mn) and trace elements (Cu, Cr, Pb, Zn and Ni) in operationally defined available and total particulate phases have been determined along an axial transect ofExpand
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Overview of the 20th century impact of trace metal contamination in the estuaries of Todos os Santos Bay: past, present and future scenarios.
This paper discusses the distribution patterns of trace metals in sediments and suspended particulate matter (SPM) in the three main estuaries of the Todos os Santos Bay (BTS), Brazil, during dry andExpand
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The structure of the benthic macrofaunal assemblages and sediments characteristics of the Paraguaçu estuarine system, NE, Brazil
The structure of the benthic macrofaunal assemblages of the estuarine portion of Paraguacu River, NE, Brazil, and its relationship with surface sediment characteristics (trace metals, PAHs, nutrientsExpand
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Subtidal benthic macroinfaunal assemblages in tropical estuaries: generality amongst highly variable gradients.
South American estuaries are frequently not included in the search for general ecological models and studies dealing with biological assemblages in estuaries frequently do not sample the entireExpand
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Determination of total arsenic and arsenic (III) in phosphate fertilizers and phosphate rocks by HG-AAS after multivariate optimization based on Box-Behnken design.
In the present paper, a procedure for the determination of total arsenic and arsenic (III) in phosphate fertilizers and phosphate rocks by slurry sampling (SS) with hydride generation atomicExpand
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Inorganic As speciation and bioavailability in estuarine sediments of Todos os Santos Bay, BA, Brazil.
The spatial distribution of As (total As, As (III) and As (V)) in estuarine sediments from the main tributaries of Todos os Santos Bay, BA, Brazil, was evaluated under high and low flow conditions.Expand
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