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Protein detection by Simple Western™ analysis.
  • V. Harris
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Methods in molecular biology
  • 2015
The Peggy Sue instrument, one study recently examined changes in MAPK signaling proteins in the sex-determining stage of gonadal development using the Simple Western™ system, which uses capillary electrophoresis to identify and quantitate a protein of interest. Expand
X Chromosome Dose and Sex Bias in Autoimmune Diseases: Increased Prevalence of 47,XXX in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Sjögren's Syndrome
The hypothesis that trisomy X (47,XXX; occurring in ∼1 in 1,000 live female births) would be increased in patients with female‐predominant diseases compared to patients with diseases without female predominance was tested. Expand
Antiadrenergic autoimmunity in postural tachycardia syndrome
Data confirm a strong relationship between adrenergic autoantibodies and POTS and support the concept that allosteric-mediated shifts in the α1AR and β1AR responsiveness are important in the pathophysiology of postural tachycardia. Expand
Genetics in Sjögren's syndrome: where we are and where we go.
An overview of genetic approaches used to identify risk variants in SS is provided, major findings and their relevance to SS are discussed, and the future directions that are likely to lead to understanding fundamental causes of this disease and new opportunities for improving clinical care are described. Expand
GnRH increases glucose transporter-1 expression and stimulates glucose uptake in the gonadotroph.
Regulation of glucose metabolism by GnRH via changes in Gluts expression and subcellular location in the pituitary gonadotroph reveals a novel response of the gonadOTroph to GnRH. Expand
Klinefelter's syndrome (47,XXY) is in excess among men with Sjögren's syndrome.
Results are consistent with the hypothesis that the number of X chromosomes is critical for the female bias of pSS, a property that may be shared with SLE but not RA. Expand
Brief Report: Rare X Chromosome Abnormalities in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Sjögren's Syndrome
Common X chromosome aneuploidies, 47,XXY and 47,XXX, are enriched among men and women, respectively, in either disease, suggesting a dose effect on the X chromosome. Expand
Significantly reduced lymphadenopathy, salivary gland infiltrates and proteinuria in MRL-lpr/lpr mice treated with ultrasoluble curcumin/turmeric: increased survival with curcumin treatment
These studies show that UsC or UsT ameliorates SLE in the MRL-lpr/lpr mice by significantly reducing lymphoproliferation, proteinuria, lesions (tail) and autoantibodies and could prove useful as a therapeutic intervention in SLE/SS. Expand
Lysosomal pH Is Regulated in a Sex Dependent Manner in Immune Cells Expressing CXorf21
The present data show that female monocytes, DC, B cells, where CXorf21 is robustly expressed, have lower lysosomal pH compared to the same immune cell populations from males, providing a function to these SLE/SS-associated genes and a mechanism for the reported inflated endolysosomal-dependent immune response observed in women compared to men. Expand
Characterization of cxorf21 Provides Molecular Insight Into Female-Bias Immune Response in SLE Pathogenesis
CXorf21 is more highly expressed in female compared to male cells and is involved in a sexually dimorphic response to TLR7 activation, which skews cellular immune responses in manner consistent with expected properties of a mediator of the X chromosome dose risk in SLE and pSS. Expand