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Environmental impact from mountainous olive orchards under different soil-management systems (SE Spain).
Soil erosion, runoff and nutrient-loss patterns over a two-year period (1999-2000) were monitored in erosion plots on a mountainside with olive (Olea europaea cv. Picual) trees under three differentExpand
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Soil-erosion and runoff prevention by plant covers in a mountainous area (se spain): Implications for sustainable agriculture
In the Mediterranean region the intensities and amounts of soil loss and runoff on sloping land are governed by rainfall pattern and vegetation cover. Over a two-year period (1998–1999), six wildExpand
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Nutrient Losses by Runoff and Sediment from the Taluses of Orchard Terraces
The nutrient fluxes of nitrate, ammonium, phosphorus and potassium in runoff and sediments were evaluated over a two-year period (1999–2000) on the taluses of terraces, in a zone of intenseExpand
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Benefits of plant strips for sustainable mountain agriculture
Erosion degrades soil quality in agricultural ecosystems, thereby reducing the productivity of the land. Semi-natural vegetation and diverse cropping systems have been converted into monoculturesExpand
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Runoff and sediment yield from a small watershed in southeastern Spain (Lanjarón): implications for water quality
Abstract This study presents an analysis of three hydrological years (2007/08, 2008/09 and 2009/10) of precipitation, runoff and sediment yield collected from a small (669.7 ha) semi-arid watershedExpand
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Fostering sustainable water use in almond (Prunus dulcis Mill.) orchards in a semiarid Mediterranean environment
ABSTRACT This work examines the long-term effects of deficit-irrigation (DI) practices in almond crop (Prunus dulcis Mill.) in agronomical and physiological terms. The trial was conducted duringExpand
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Soil-erosion and runoff prevention by plant covers. A review
Soil erosion is a critical environmental problem throughout the world’s terrestrial ecosystems. Erosion inflicts multiple, serious damages in managed ecosystems such as crops, pastures, or forests asExpand
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Impact of direct drilling and conventional tillage on seasonal changes of soil water content in Chromic Haploxerert (south-west Spain)
A continuous monitoring of spatial and temporal variability of soil water content was studied under two soil management systems: direct drilling (DD) and conventional tillage (CT), during fourExpand
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High reduction of erosion and nutrient losses by decreasing harvest intensity of lavender grown on slopes
In Mediterranean countries, where rainfall is scarce and irregular, intensive agriculture promotes erosion and nutrient losses from soil, ending eventually in contamination of water bodies. WildExpand
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Biomass carbon stock in relation to different land uses in a semiarid environment
Data on the aboveground and root-biomass carbon (C) were recorded for different land-use types on hillslopes within Mediterranean agroforestry watershed. Eight land-use types were selected: farmlandExpand
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