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Cyclic games and an algorithm to find minimax cycle means in directed graphs
Abstract An algorithm is described that finds optimal stationary strategies in dynamic two-person conflicts with perfect information, deterministic transitions, finite sets of positions, andExpand
On Generating the Irredundant Conjunctive and Disjunctive Normal Forms of Monotone Boolean Functions
It is shown that for some classes of polynomial-time computable monotone Boolean functions it is NP-hard to test either of the conditions D′=D or C′=C, which provides evidence that for each of these classes neither conjunctive nor disjunctive irredundant normal forms can be generated in total (or incremental) quasi-polynomial time. Expand
On Short Paths Interdiction Problems: Total and Node-Wise Limited Interdiction
It is shown that the short paths node-wise interdiction problem can be efficiently solved by an extension of Dijkstra’s algorithm and the same inapproximability bounds hold for undirected graphs and/or node elimination. Expand
Generating All Vertices of a Polyhedron Is Hard
It is shown that generating all negative cycles of a weighted graph is a hard enumeration problem, in both the directed and undirected cases, implying that (directed) negative cycles cannot be generated in polynomial output time, unless P=NP. Expand
Perfect graphs are kernel solvable
It is proved that it is always possible to substitute some of the vertices of a non-perfect graph by cliques so that the resulting graph is not kernel solvable. Expand
Dual subimplicants of positive Boolean functions
Given a positive Boolean function fand a subset δ of its variables, we give a combinatorial condition characterizing the existence of a prime implicant Dˆof the Boolean dual f d of f having theExpand
An efficient implementation of a quasi-polynomial algorithm for generating hypergraph transversals and its application in joint generation
An efficient implementation of an incremental quasi-polynomial-time algorithm for solving the hypergraph transversal problem, and experimental results are presented to evaluate the implementation for a number of interesting monotone properties π. Expand
An Efficient Incremental Algorithm for Generating All Maximal Independent Sets in Hypergraphs of Bounded Dimension
We show that for hypergraphs of bounded edge size, the problem of extending a given list of maximal independent sets is NC-reducible to the computation of an arbitrary maximal independent set for anExpand
Stable matchings in three-sided systems with cyclic preferences
It is shown that stable matchings always exist for the special case of certain acyclic preferences and the answer is still negative by constructing a three-sided system with lexicographically cyclic preferences for which no stable matching exists. Expand
On the Complexity of Generating Maximal Frequent and Minimal Infrequent Sets
It is shown that given a family of O(n?) maximal t-frequent column sets for A, it is NP-complete to decide whether A has any further maximal t.frequent sets, or not, even when the number of such additional maximal t/n column sets may be exponentially large. Expand