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Effective and efficient global optimization for conceptual rainfall‐runoff models
The successful application of a conceptual rainfall-runoff (CRR) model depends on how well it is calibrated. Despite the popularity of CRR models, reports in the literature indicate that it isExpand
Shuffled complex evolution approach for effective and efficient global minimization
The degree of difficulty in solving a global optimization problem is in general dependent on the dimensionality of the problem and certain characteristics of the objective function. This paperExpand
Optimal use of the SCE-UA global optimization method for calibrating watershed models
The essential concepts of the SCE-UA method are reviewed and the results of several experimental studies in which the National Weather Service river forecast system-soil moisture accounting model was calibrated using different algorithmic parameter setups are presented. Expand
Potential of molecular markers in plant biotechnology.
This review will discuss about the biochemical and molecular markers their Advantages, disadvantages and the applications of the marker in comparison with other markers types. Expand
Enzymatic Saccharification of Lignocellulosic Biomass
The conversion of polymers present in the lignocellulosic biomass into fermentable sugars can be achieved through physical/chemical and enzymatic pretreatments. The microbial conversion of biomass toExpand
Isolation, abundance and phylogenetic affiliation of endophytic actinomycetes associated with medicinal plants and screening for their in vitro antimicrobial biosynthetic potential
Antibiotic sensitivity assay and antimicrobial properties and antibiotic sensitivity assay showed that the endophytic actinomycetes associated with the selected medicinal plants have broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity. Expand
Calibration of rainfall‐runoff models: Application of global optimization to the Sacramento Soil Moisture Accounting Model
Conceptual rainfall-runoff models are difficult to calibrate by means of automatic methods; one major reason for this is the inability of conventional procedures to locate the globally optimal set ofExpand
In Vitro and In Vivo Plant Growth Promoting Activities and DNA Fingerprinting of Antagonistic Endophytic Actinomycetes Associates with Medicinal Plants
The results clearly suggest the possibility of using endophytic actinomycetes as bioinoculant for plant growth promotion, nutrient mobilization or as biocontrol agent against fungal phytopathogens for sustainable agriculture. Expand
Growth Characteristics of Fusarium Spp. Causing Wilt Disease in Psidium Guajava L. in India
The data revealed that maximum mycelial growth was obtained in potato dextrose agar as semi-solid media i.e. malt extract broth as liquid broth media for F. solani, while maximum sporulation was recorded in oatmeal agar and mycological broth. Expand