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Red List of vascular plants of the Czech Republic: 3rd edition
The knowledge of the flora of the Czech Republic has substantially improved since the second version of the national Red List was published, mainly due to large-scale field recording during the last
Ecological and evolutionary significance of genomic GC content diversity in monocots
Significance Our large-scale survey of genomic nucleotide composition across monocots has enabled the first rigorous testing, to our knowledge, of its biological significance in plants. We show that
Chromosome numbers of Carex
Chromosome numbers were determined for 97 samples of 95 sedge taxa (Carex) from the following countries: Austria (6 records), Bulgaria (1), the Canary Islands (Spain, 1), Cape Verde (1) and 9 North American plants cultivated in Czech botanical gardens.
High Plant Diversity of Grasslands in a Landscape Context: A Comparison of Contrasting Regions in Central Europe
Some regions and habitats harbour high numbers of plant species at a fine scale. A remarkable example is the grasslands of the White Carpathian Mountains (Czech Republic), which holds world records
Landscape classification of the Czech Republic based on thedistribution of natural habitats
The first statistical landscape classification of the Czech Republic based on the distribution of different types of natural habitats that resulted from national habitat mapping showed that the separation of individual clusters is primarily determined by altitude and related climatic factors, and differences between the Bohemian Massif and Carpathians.
Occurrence of tetraploid and octoploid cytotypes in Senecio jacobaea ssp. jacobaea (Asteraceae) in Pannonia and the Carpathians
Two different cytopytes of Senecio jacobaea ssp. jacobaea have been determined in the study area (Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungaria, Ucraine and Romania). It was studied 51 populations.
Distributions of vascular plants in the Czech Republic. Part 2
The second part of the publication series on the istributions of vascular plants in the Czech Republic includes grid maps of 87 taxa of the genera Antennaria, Aposeris, Astragalus, Avenula, Bidens,
Genome sizes and genomic guanine+cytosine (GC) contents of the Czech vascular flora with new estimates for 1700 species
Velikost genomu se dosud měři převažně pro biosystematicke ucely a navzdory velkemu rozvoji průtokove cytometrie v Ceske republice tato informace pro mnohe druhy ceske květeny chybi.