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Reproductive hormonal patterns in pregnant, pseudopregnant and acyclic captive African wild dogs (Lycaon pictus).
Most females classed as pseudopregnant were found in female-only groups, suggesting that wild dogs are spontaneous ovulators, and suppression of reproduction in subordinates is likely to be behavioural rather than physiological. Expand
Virtually Wall-Less Tubular Sponges as Compartmentalized Reaction Containers
It is found that compartmentalized fibrous ultraporous polymer sponges with superhydrophobic surfaces could be designed as virtually wall-less reaction containers, which can control the deposition rates and products by tailoring the porosity and surface chemistry in the future. Expand
Interface-mediated formation of basic cobalt carbonate/polyethyleneimine composite microscrolls by strain-induced self-rolling.
Polyethyleneimine aids the gas diffusion precipitation of nano-structured basic cobalt carbonate sheets at the air/solution interface and porous Co3O4 spirals composed of interconnected nanoparticles are obtained by thermal conversion. Expand
Recombinant major ampullate spidroin-particles as biotemplates for manganese carbonate mineralization
Mineral deposition in biological systems is often templated by organic matrices including proteins directing the nucleation and growth of bioceramics by interacting with early stage species of theExpand