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A dynamic fuzzy logic approach to adaptive HVS-based watermarking
A novel image watermarking algorithm is introduced that consists of an adaptive watermarking algorithm based on a human visual system (HVS) model and a dynamic fuzzy inference system (DFIS). ThisExpand
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Design of a Fuzzy Logic Coprocessor using Handel-C
Design and implementation of a fuzzy logic (FL) coprocessor is presented in this paper. Expand
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Improving electromagnetic compatibility of integrated switching converters for hybrid/electric vehicles
Practical techniques to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) for integrated DC/DC converters are discussed in the paper. As application case study a 48 V DC/DC converter for electric/hybrid carsExpand
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MPEG-2 digital video watermarking technique
For protecting the authenticity of multimedia objects, watermarking plays a vital role, since, they are much easier to get copied, exchanged and modified these days. Conventional watermarkingExpand
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Wavelet estimation of pulse rate variability from oscillometric blood pressure measurements
We propose a wavelet-based spectral density estimation method for characterizing pulse rate variability of short duration oscillometric blood pressure signals produced by a digital blood pressureExpand
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Hardware support of JPEG
This paper presents a comprehensive literature survey of hardware solutions for JPEG images. Expand
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Proving the efficiency of DTF method in a local area network
This paper demonstrates the effectiveness of the method for determining spoofed MAC Addresses by extracting a fingerprint of constant traffic to specific IP destinations. This method, called DTFExpand
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Simulation & analysis of WirelessHART nodes for real-time actuator application
We implemented a WirelessHART network scenario in WirelessHRT simulator in NS-2 , simulated and analyzed its time characteristics under ideal and noisy conditions. Expand
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Sensor based home automation and security system
The conventional design of home security systems typically monitors only the property and lacks physical control aspects of the house itself. Also, the term security is not well defined because thereExpand
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Experimental determination of synchronous machines reactances from DC decay at standstill
Estimating parameters of high power synchronous machines from steady state or transient AC operational tests requires a great deal of electrical power. This paper presents a procedure and itsExpand
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