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De Lange characteristics for the fresh-water turtle Chrysemys picta picta, and the pigeon Columba livia.
  • V. Graf
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Vision research
  • 1 October 1973
Abstract Temporal modulation transfer functions for two turtles and six pigeons were determined behaviorally. The results for both organisms show the now familiar low and high frequency attenuation.Expand
A spectral sensitivity curve and wavelength discrimination for the turtle crysemys picta picta.
  • V. Graf
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Vision research
  • 1 November 1967
Wavelength discrimination data obtained in the long wavelength portion of the spectrum indicates that the over-all spectral sensitivity curve represents the activity of more than a single spectral mechanism. Expand
Behavioral Visual Functions f or Chrysemys picta picta
Critical fusion frequency as a function of luminance and wavelength for the fresh-water turtle (Chrysemys picta picta) is reported and indicates that this turtle is positively phototactic and has a mild preference for long wavelength light. Expand
Results of the harvest of the third vegetation period
Attack helicopter (AH-1T) cockpit systems integration
This discussion summarizes the effort conducted by the BHTI Human Factors and Cockpit Arrangement group for a study and design of the integration of a cockpit control system for the AH 1T (TOW). TheExpand
“Something Very, Very Strange in These Old Woods”: Wilderness and Otherness in Twin Peaks
This essay is a shortened version of Viktoria Graf’s BA thesis which was supervised by Dr Elena Furlanetto.