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Global Sea Level Trend in the Past Century
Data derived from tide-gauge stations throughout the world indicate that the mean sea level rose by about 12 centimeters in the past century. The sea level change has a high correlation with theExpand
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Sea level rise projections for current generation CGCMs based on the semi‐empirical method
[1] The semi-empirical relationship between global surface air temperature and mean sea level first developed by Rahmstorf is here applied to the latest generation of Coupled Global Climate ModelsExpand
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Potential distribution of methane hydrates in the world's oceans
Estimates of the magnitudes and spatial distribution of potential oceanic methane hydrate reservoirs have been made from pressure-temperature phase relations and a plausible range of thermalExpand
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Monitoring sea level changes
Future sea level rise arouses concern because of potentially deleterious impacts to coastal regions. These will stem not only from the loss of land through inundation and erosion, but also fromExpand
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Terrestrial Water‐Storage Contributions to Sea‐Level Rise and Variability
P.C.D. Milly (1) (rapporteur), A. Cazenave (2), J. Famiglietti (3), V. Gornitz (4), K. Laval (5), D. Lettenmaier (6), D. Sahagian (7), J. Wahr (8), C. Wilson (9) (exept for 1st author, names are inExpand
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Chapter 5 Impoundment, groundwater mining, and other hydrologic transformations: Impacts on global sea level rise
Publisher Summary This chapter presents the plausible estimates of sea-level changes accompanying large-scale anthropogenic modifications of land hydrologic processes. Increased runoff fromExpand
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Regional sea level changes projected by the NASA/GISS Atmosphere-Ocean Model
Abstract Sea level has been rising for the past century, and coastal residents of the Earth will want to understand and predict future sea level changes. In this study we present sea level changesExpand
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The origin of sinuous rilles
This report describes the distribution and morphology of sinuous rilles and presents data on rille geometry. Examples of the relation between sinuous rilles and the regional structure are given.Expand
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Research paperGlobal coastal hazards from future sea level rise
A rise of sea level between 0.3 and 0.9 m by the end of the next century, caused by predicted greenhouse climate warming, would endanger human populations, cities, ports, and wetlands in low-lyingExpand
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A survey of anthropogenic vegetation changes in West Africa during the last century — climatic implications
The extent of albedo change resulting from anthropogenic modification of the vegetation cover over the last century has been investigated in West Africa. The climatic implications of these changesExpand
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