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Influence of natural disasters on ground facilities
The purpose of this article is to study the problem of the propagation of waves that result in earthquakes in different geological media: homogeneous, multilayer, gradient, with fractured layer, andExpand
Numerical simulation of seismic activity by the grid-characteristic method
Seismic activity in homogeneous and layered enclosing rock masses is studied. A numerical mechanical-mathematical model of a hypocenter is proposed that describes the whole range of elasticExpand
The Usage of Grid-Characteristic Method in Seismic Migration Problems
This work is devoted to the numerical solution of the inverse problem of seismic survey process – migration. Oil and gas deposits has contrast subsurface boundaries and may be identified with thisExpand
Two approaches to the calculation of air subdomains: theoretical estimation and practical results
Two approaches to the calculation of air subdomains are compared in this paper, i.e. the use of imaginary points and explicit allocation and the corresponding formulas are presented for the case of full wave simulation of the impact of seismic waves on a multi-storey building. Expand
Numerical computation of wave propagation in fractured media by applying the grid-characteristic method on hexahedral meshes
Wave propagation in fractured rock in the course of seismic exploration is studied. The grid-characteristic method on hexahedral meshes is extended to the case of an elastic medium with empty andExpand
Numerical simulation of earthquakes impact on facilities by grid-characteristic method
The results demonstrate a possibility of investigation earthquake stability of underground facilities and living buildings using modeling of seismic waves propagation directly from the earthquake centers. Expand
Monitoring the state of the moving train by use of high performance systems and modern computation methods
The objective of this work has been to study the propagation of elastic waves in rails. It presents the comparison of calculations obtained by the grid-characteristic and discontinuous GalerkinExpand
Wave Processes Modelling in Geophysics
In this chapter, the application of the grid-characteristic method to solving seismic prospecting problems is considered. The characteristic seismogeological models, including Marmousi and SEG/EAGEExpand
Simulation of seismic processes inside the planet using the hybrid grid-characteristic method
The problem of the propagation of seismic waves in the Earth is studied. The authors propose a method to simulate numerically dynamic processes based on the solution to determine the system ofExpand
Explanation the difference in destructed areas simulated using various failure criteria by the wave dynamics analysis
An approach for calculating the contribution of dynamic elastic wave phenomena to seismic stability of facilities can be especially useful in the development and testing of seismic insulation of buildings and a failure formation model is proposed that takes into account the contributions of static loads and dynamic loads separately. Expand