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Characterization of a protein-based adhesive elastomer secreted by the Australian frog Notaden bennetti.
When provoked, Notaden bennetti frogs secrete an exudate which rapidly forms a tacky elastic solid ("frog glue"). This protein-based material acts as a promiscuous pressure-sensitive adhesive thatExpand
Collagen-based biomaterials.
Collagens as biomaterials
This paper reviews the structure, function and applications of collagens as biomaterials. The various formats for collagens, either as tissue-based devices or as reconstituted soluble collagens areExpand
Bone regeneration using photocrosslinked hydrogel incorporating rhBMP-2 loaded 2-N, 6-O-sulfated chitosan nanoparticles.
Although rhBMP-2 has excellent ability to accelerate the repair of normal bone defects, limitations of its application exist in the high cost and potential side effects. This study aimed to develop aExpand
Synthetic biodegradable microparticles for articular cartilage tissue engineering.
Articular cartilage tissue engineering procedures require the transplantation of chondrocytes that have been expanded in vitro. The expansion is carried out for a considerable time and can lead to aExpand
Micropatterning of polymer brushes: grafting from dewetting polymer films for biological applications.
In this novel platform, a micropatterned polymer brush was obtained by grafting poly(poly(ethylene glycol) methyl ether methacrylate) (poly(PEGMA)) from a thin macroinitiator film using atom transferExpand
The adhesive skin exudate of Notaden bennetti frogs (Anura: Limnodynastidae) has similarities to the prey capture glue of Euperipatoides sp. velvet worms (Onychophora: Peripatopsidae).
The dorsal adhesive secretion of the frog Notaden bennetti and the prey-capture "slime" ejected by Euperipatoides sp. velvet worms look and handle similarly. Both consist largely of protein (55-60%Expand
An Adhesive Secreted by Australian Frogs of the Genus Notaden
When provoked, the Australian fossorial frog Notaden bennettii secretes from its dorsal skin an exudate which rapidly forms a tacky elastic hydrogel. This protein-based material acts as a promiscuousExpand
The paper presents a validated CFD model for the flow in a bench-scale spinner flask that features a centrally-located magnet-driven impeller. Model development found that use of the immersed solidExpand
Collagen-hydroxyapatite composite prepared by biomimetic process.
A novel bone graft substitute comprising a porous, collagenous scaffold was biomimetically coated with hydroxyapatite using a simulated body fluid solution chemistry method. The scaffold had aExpand